I keep thinking in my own head that I'm planning my next life in my one and only daydream,  which is extremely specific and detailed. I know it's BS. I know it isn't true. I want to hope it is.

Read a great article this morning about maladaptive daydreaming and schizophrenia, and sent it to my therapist. It says as long as we know our daydreams aren't real, we're actually pretty healthy, even if those daydreams take up a lot of our time. I still get my job done, somehow, in the middle of my escape. 

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That's great you still get your job done! And that you see a therapist. It sounds like you're managing really well! (Not that I'm trying to downplay your struggle.)

you know i recently thought about this. I occasionally daydream future and when I remembered to snap out, I told myself ' You think about your future, and this day hasn't yet passed' sorry for my broken english


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