So, I spent last three days daydreaming, it's probably stress related - since I was supposed to work on my dissertation... I've decided it might be a problem and I feel like I should share and end it.

I've noticed not many of you guys go into details, so I try to keep this brief, because the story is quite 


I met this girl at school, she is friendly, she has a boyfriend - that part is reality. I daydreamed a little scenario to figure out some possible conversation topics without coming on too strong, and the plot just unwounded exponentially from there ... we hit it off, we had sex, she gets pregnant, paternity test, drama, moving in together, more drama, she wants to give the baby for adoption, I don't let her, I move, get a beach house in California, meet a model from NY, and now I'm raising a doughtier (who doesn't know her mother but has a similarly sounding name), leading a company and having some amazing time with stunning Shelby something... Woof

Obviously everybody has names, backstories, the house is designed from ground up, and time flows quicker. The conversations are interesting, many different personalities interacting with each other, and it's still all me, the puppet master, playing a game, creating a show for the audience of one - all in my head. It got to the point that I was literally crying with the model in the daydream while hearing the story my daughter told about her mother leaving her with me... ;(  ;P

I noticed it's like the Sims, but better. I know it's easier then life, instantly rewarding and therefore addictive, but it's been a part of me since I was 10. Daydreaming allowed me to expand my creativity, empathy, intuition... it also made my downstairs neighbors really mad with all the pacing around the room :P

Why do I daydream? Is it because the games are not good enough? Is it because Breaking Bad is over?

Probably something more freudian... I don't know exactly...  What I know for sure: it's a time killer, so I'll try to stop for now...

Thanks for reading, I feel better already.

I'm Ruffus, and it's nice to meet you, charmed I'm sure :)

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Hey Dude


Nice to meet you too….

Bongi is my name. Your day dreams are as similar to mine, they never changed only the characters and name but the story angle remains the same.

I always end up day dreaming especially when I am stressed or about to write exams. It’s unbelievable how we are able to live 10 years in our daydreams in just 3 days.


I am frustrated because I just want to quit and quit completely. I believe it’s blocking me from achieving great things in real life. By the way I am 27 and started day dreaming at 5.

I'm 15. I've been daydreaming for as long as I can remember, but it really took off when I was 8. I have a huge cast of characters with their own unique personalities, and an enormous world of 8 planets (and a few other special places). I have an imaginary EVERYTHING. An imaginary dog, 4 imaginary sisters and an imaginary brother (all but one adopted), an imaginary lake house, an imaginary car--you name it, I have it (but usually a really weird version of it, because in my daydreams I'm a space alien).
And yes, I cry from daydreams sometimes too.


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