Hi! I'm very new to this website and I just want to start off by first saying how extremellllly happy I am that I found it! I started MD whenever I was around 7th grade (I had always had a very active imagination) but not like I do now. In 7th grade my mom and step dad had a nasty divorce where most of the time I was caught in the middle of it. My mom gave me an ipod and that's where it all started. I would listen to music and pace around my room (with the door closed and lights off) while tossing one of my sisters braclets in the air. I would day dream about how perfect my life would be in the future. My person in my day dream was me but a different side of me. She was prettier and more successful with relationships. I never thought it was a big deal until I started going to highschool and it got so intense I would sometimes cry when it hit a sad part in my day dream or even talk to myself. I stopped going places with my friends because it took away time from my daydreaming. It starting getting so out of hand I googled it and found this website! I'm so glad I'm not alone I always thought I was just weird and would grow out of it eventually. I see though that that's not always the case. I hope I can find a way to control my MD so I can live a some what normal life. Thanks for listening to my story it feels great to finaly let it out!:)

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Hey! I'm also pretty new to this site and I'm glad I'm not the only one who spends half his day in a daydream. I also started at around grade 7, although I use to daydream at a lesser extent before that. It started when my brother developed schizophrenia and I guess I just started to daydream how things could be different. Now, every day I'd spend hours just spinning a wooden drumstick in my hand while daydreaming. Eventually I realized that this wasn't normal. At first, I thought I had autism or something but after some more research I realized the I must be suffering from Maladaptive Daydreaming. It feels good that I now know the reason for my behavior.  That's my MD story anyways. I hope you find what you seek here.

Thanks!! I really hope I can find a way to stop or at least minimize my daydreaming.


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