I found this site when I was on yahoo answers.I was on yahoo looking desperately for a cure because I thought something was horribly wrong with me. I knew it wasn't normal for me (a 16 year old girl) to sit on my laptop and all of sudden get up pacing daydreaming about something. 

When I was child I was a constant daydreamer it wasn't any concern my parents actually thought it was a bit cute and told me I had a good imagination. Fortunately it hasn't interfered with my social life or my academics.

Though it hasn't ruined my social life, sometimes when I'm talking to my friends or having a conversation one of my recent daydreams will 'pop up' in my head and it'll take all of my self control not to wander in dream land.

Just recently I have discovered the name of this and I am not the only one that is it, and that makes me feel tons better. I really appreciate this 'group' being created. I'm also excited to talk to all of you.

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I have the same problem when talking to people, my mind wonders off and I forget what we were talking about so I just pretend that I'm following what they are saying :P

However recently I've been able to identify when I am daydreaming and divert my attention to the present, so it isn't as bad as before. Welcome to Wildminds btw :)

I completely understand what you're going through.  It's very hard for me to focus in conversations, but my friend seems to understand.  Now that you know about it, you can focus on keeping it under control, so you can maintain a healthy outer life.  We're here to support you.  

It's the same for me. Fortunately I'm able to control my stories and, when I am with my friends, I try to enter them when nobody is paying attention to me :-p !!! But, you know, just for a little bit, and then I stop them (like commercials during a tv show) and I keep talking to my friends.

Ah, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I'm grateful that everyone here is so accepting and nice! I really appreciate it.♥ Much, love- Ev


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