I am a ug student and I have a very important entrance  exam coming up next month.I have been studying for it but I waste a lot of time in dd. I have been dd since high school I got decent marks but felt that I could not expolit my full potential due to dd and kiling time. I was never late in subission of assignments cuz there was a deadline in college but I am procrastinating  now as this enterance exam can be taken any number of times. Please suggest me some ways to stop the dds I really need to clear this exam I want to exploit my full potential and crack the entrance test. I really want to stop this vile habit.

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I don't really thing there is a decent suggestion out there. 

My best coping skills have been to study in public places like a library or a coffee shop. It stops the pacing obviously if you have a problem with that. Being in public also helps me feel less lonely. It helps but daydreaming is still a problem for me when studying at the library. 

 I agree with Mill above. You could also study with someone or do group studies so that you are kept in check and follow a time-table of how much to study in a day.


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