At the moment, the thing I am daydreaming about is my character's daydreams. She is an alternate universe me, the timeline split off from normal when we were 19, but that is not when my daydream was created, I have been daydreaming for 4 years about the same thing. The only difference between our past history from before that is our family-she has an older brother and sister because I hated being the oldest, and a whole bunch of extra aunts, uncles and cousins. My own relatives don't really feature much, I hardly see them in real life either, my character's family is mostly the ones I have created.

If she shared my history, she also was a daydreamer, as I have been daydreaming since I was a child. She has my locked box containing diaries I wrote about another alternate me who went to the same high school as the real one of us but was populated with more interesting characters, celebrity encounters, the school was haunted. It is in her closet, like it is in mine, but different houses as she moved to a different town, got married and has more kids than I do. She too daydreamed as a child about having 10 extra brothers and sisters, just her real ones were included in it as well.

She didn't stop daydreaming there. I have an extra three families that I daydream about, that are not part of my daydream universe. She daydreams about them too. They are from the point of view of three different characters, at different ages-a single mother of three, a teenage girl in a dysfunctional large family, and a little girl who lives in a nice house with her family.

She also has the occasional daydream about her family in unusual situations that are outside of her universe's canon, like the one about their house being haunted. Currently it is about a school, all of the children come from either my daydream, or the one I share with my daydream character. They are together for some reason that has daydream me and her cousins move into a mansion owned by the family that they usually spend holidays in, and establish some kind of community there with other people who also have been sent to live in that little area, including the other daydream families. They created a school for the children, and are currently working out other things that they have, and how it works. No idea why they are all living there, other than a vague something happened, coincidentally in the areas they all live in (the daydream family live near to my own area, but also some of them live further away, some of them in a different country).

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I had MDD for more than 60 yrs. God has touched my life thru prayer  and  heart-dedication to Him , and He is continually unraveling me out of the world of unreality  ( it is a process ) .

Thank-you for sharing your story... I'll be saying some prayers for you  that God will bless you, and bring deliverance and peace into your life .  

God Bless you!!!!



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