I am writing a novel about entitled “My Castle in the Sky”, about a girl with MD.  Tell me what you think and whether you would read it or not.


 It is about a fifteen year old girl called Sally Tork, who has Maladaptive Daydreaming.  She has constructed a fantasy world in her head called Nideaah (pronounced NID-EE-AR).  Nideaah is a futuristic magical world, in a time where the earth has literally broken in half.  The south-eastern half is believed to have burned up in the sun, while the north-western half has become a vast jungle-like wilderness where the poorest people live in tree houses and hunt for their food, rich people live in glass houses in the clearings and the royal family live in a glittering castle that floats in the sky.


In this world, Sally is a revolutionist, who goes by the name Sylvie Tremaine.  Sylvie was once a princess, back when Nideaah was a peaceful utopia, but when Sylvie’s Mother murdered her father in his sleep, she became queen, 4 year old Sylvie found herself exiled.  Nideaah slowly became the communist dystopia it was today.  Sylvie was raised in a dilapidated orphanage until she was 11, when she was adopted by a young couple with 5 other children for the sole reason a being a Nanny of sorts. 


Sally has loosely based her DD on her life- her father left her junkie mother when she was a toddler after he’d discovered her having sex with another woman.  He took Sally with him, infuriating her mother so much that she burned his flat down.  Sally survived the fire, but her father wasn’t so lucky.  the police went after her mother, but they found her dead on her living room floor due to a huge cocain overdose.  Sally; having no other family was placed into the care of child services.  Sally used her daydreaming as a sanctuary, to escape the horrible memories of her childhood.

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I think this would be interesting for me to read because it seems very unlike my own DDs (mine don't involve anything futuristic or magical). It would also be nice to learn what Sally's "rules" for daydreaming were, especially since her MD seems like the more traditional version of a fantasy world, it would seem as though she could have a lot of free reign for what goes on in there. 

In each of my daydreams, I've written down dialogue for interaction between the protagonist and the supporting characters and I have thought about writing a book on all of this, but I feel like my DD material is too monotonous to write a book on because it's so reality-based. Also, I'm just not motivated enough to commit to writing a book about someone with MD. All of this is to say that I think it's awesome that you're doing this. Writing fiction is difficult enough and I imagine incorporating something as complex as MD makes it even more of a challenge. Good luck!!

Oh my gosh!! That's SUCH  cool idea!! You should definitely do that and I would TOTALLY read it!! :D

As Brett said, it does seem like a very traditional fantasy world, but I must say, it sounds like a really good idea! I know I'd read it! Good Luck!

Do it!!!! I need to hear more! Make sure to post any updates on if u actually go through with the story and what not because i'd love to hear more

Unfortunately,this has been a swing and a miss!  I couldn't even come up with a first sentence, just like all of my other failed attempts at writing a book.  If any of you have any writing skill, you're very welcome to steal my idea.

That is a very interesting plot. Good luck on your novel. I`m also hoping to write a story about a girl who has maladaptive daydreaming except maladaptive daydreaming wouldn`t be mentioned in my novel. She would just retreat to her fantasy world and would use that as an escape mechanism.

I love writing! You're brilliant; this would be a perfect way to get the word out there about MD. I never finish writing projects but I am going to try to write a fictional story based on my experience with MD. Wish me luck! :) And I encourage you not to give up on the idea yourself. We need to get all the writers on here to start writing about MD. We can totally spread the word. :)
I am going to try and write a book about my dd character, because I freakin love him. Awesome idea, you should keep trying :) Like Dani said, this would be a great way to educate people, like A Mango Shaped Space for the MD community.


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