Two weeks ago I had a break down pertaining to my fantasy world.  My fantasy world has real people in it and when this person did something in the real world, it really upset the fantasy and me.   I've been trying to stay out of the fantasy world.  It's a difficult thing to do.  I went into the fantasy world about an hour ago and came out of it really negative, surly and a hater on life and this person.  Does your mood change drastically??  

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Not usually, but it has done. It was weird once though, I had study last period and afterwards went to meet my friend at the bike stands, as we biked home together. During study, I had this really, really depressing scene, (on repeat with variations and things, as you do) and was feeling really down because of it, and was still thinking of it walking to the stands. But when I saw my friend and I said "hi" I realised I was randomly more cheery then normal, and then I was like cheery over top of the sadness I had just felt, it was such an effed up feeling.

Normally when I day dream it leaves me feeling quite uplifted.  If I have an argument or fall out with someone in the outside world that doesn't usually affect my day dreams at all.  Except in the fact that I may day dream excessivly because I am feeling depressed or low in  moods.


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