so first off, i was here some time ago, but got frightened and left, but findng my account still active, and thoughts that want discussing... so have returned

the questioning im thinking on now, is that over bits of time i have had different experiences with mental health persons. they have tossed out different diagnosis, each person. which has often led me to believe they are quackery, but yet a need for understanding and assistance can overcome, and drive a return to seeking help.

have any of you experienced being given a bunch of different diagnosis from different drs? do you find it as confusing and unsettling as i do?

my current therapist seems to be putting out that the major symptom is disasociation ...which leads to and includes MADD  ... so im going with that....but does this then co exist with other  diagnosis or dismiss/replace them?

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My mdd friend also has dissasotive issues.
I have to take a second to realize who i am talking to and sometimes its unnerving.
Are you aware of your different selves?
I think MADD is a kind of dissociation. I'm not a doctor but from what I've looked up it's a detachment from yourself which makes it dissociation.
Look up derealization and depersonalization.
I wonder if we’re de-subjectifying ourselves. Not sure how that would be different to dissociation/derealization/depersonalization. We aren’t saying we’re not ourselves, we aren’t saying the world isn’t real, we aren’t pretending no one else has feelings. We’re making ourselves not be the subject of our own lives. We’re concocting more ‘perfect’ subjects for our imaginary lives, and even if we give them awful trials and deep flaws we forgive them, but not ourselves.

As you're getting a lot of conflicting information from doctors, can you try to compare it all and look for some golden rules/common themes that might stand out? I've pretty much cured myself of MD now and I had to do a lot of soul searching into what made it start and research what makes people anxious enough to reject themselves. I also had a vitamin deficiency that made me too tired to fight MD once I'd figured all that out.

I don't know what else you are dealing with alongside MD but try to treat the doctors as guideposts and don't panic if they can't give you a straight answer. I'd vote that things can co-exist, but only you can tell which parts of their explanations feel right and take those on board. You might get a lightbulb moment eventually.

Remember that you are leading the conversation, they are just trying to put words to what you feel.


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