I don't pace, spin or walk around when I'm 'gone' but I do facial expressions, talk etc.  How many of us are there?  It seems it's more usual to move about. Also my triggers tend to be when I'm doing something that I can do automatically.  I just get hijacked.  Like finding myself staring out the window when I'm washing up.  The worst trigger for me is sitting with nothing around me moving.  I can be transported by woodgrain or walls!  I know, weird!!

Does anyone out there have triggers that are visual?

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Yep. Anything can trigger me visually. Sometimes even my own hands and fingers trigger me into a 20 min long daydream. ;-;
That makes me wonder if some sort of self hypnosis is involved. It certainly feels like that!

It might be that at those times you just feel more relaxed and that you can safely daydream - your not around people or doing anything that you know can result in you getting hurt if you dont pay attention every second you know you can safely do it on auto and so its a cue that its more or less safe to drop out and immerse yourself in daydreaming . Do you do anything repetitive or notice yourself walking around more when your completely alone? If your around people a lot and dont get much alone time right now thats common to suppress any movement that you worry other people might think is off behavior . I dont move at all if there is anyone else around or facial expressions (mostly) and talking/whispering (definately not) but anytime i am alone i will walk around more or sometimes rock side to side while sitting - something i used to do all the time while daydreaming at a time when i had more privacy - but not so much anymore i think just because i have less privacy now and i just learned to do it listening to music

I never thought of it that way. I think you're right, the movement element has probably been suppressed. I'm rarely alone so when it first started I would just do it listening to music. Now its less manageable and I find myself drifting out all the time but usually when I can function on autopilot. I still don't move but I do catch myself making facial expressions, smiling etc. It can be a bit dodgy when you've zoned out and suddenly you're not alone!

oh yea thats happened to me a few times lol ive been walked in on jumping around and talking to myself embarassing doesnt even describe it especially if its someone you have to see every day but you can think of excuses exercizing practicing for a school play exercizing voice because want to start singing  exc. lol but still and its those experiences that make you just more careful . I did forget to mention i do rock in a rocking chair if you have one that would be a socially acceptable movement you could do that wouldnt need any explanations and headphones people know you cant hear them so no worry about not hearing anyone because noone would expect you to with headphones in if your listening to music or not  :)


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