Anxiety has stopped me from doing a lot things in life, particularly during my childhood, which in turn lead me to DD constantly. The worst thing about it is that I think it's stopped me from developing a personality. Even though I am socialising a lot more than when I was younger I still struggle to know what to say. There is so much stuff I haven't tried because DD has taken up so much of my time so I feel really behind on a personal level.

Anyone else feel the same?

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Pretty much. I feel like I'm lost in social conversations and miss social cues. The anxiety compounds any social interaction I have or want to have. I feel behind not only because of DD but because of my childhood experiences and the lack thereof.I still don't know what or who I am- what constitutes my personality and how to describe myself.

Yes I feel exactly the same.... it just seems like I'm missing common knowledge and experiences that most people my age experienced long ago....

I also think it's because of anxiety, specifically social anxiety and fear of expressing myself in front of others. I also had crap people skills so when I tried I'd get rejected, but I never got rejected in my DDs.

It amazes me sometimes how much people my age have experienced in the same amount of time as me, it's like I have this big wall keeping me from participating in the real world the way most others have naturally been drawn to and comfortable with since they were toddlers.

I've been told I seem younger than my age as well. My guess is I seem like more of a blank slate, like a curious new kid starting high school for the first time, though I'm 22.


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