Whenever I suddenly think of something funny, I can't help but start laughing. Only thing is, I almost forget where I really am. So, I suddenly hear my relative ask, "What's so funny, Jess?" or "What's up with that giggling?" If it's non-family, they usually have an extremely uncomfortable look their face, and ask why I'm laughing. Whenever I just want to forget about my realistic whereabouts, and be somewhere that doesn't exist, it always comes with a price of abhorred reactions from my waking life.

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Ikr,  I have this problem too, it’s really embarrassing.

oh yes, laughing, smiling, crying, talking but in a whisper, making facial expressions and moving my hands and arms. I have walked around too but  I don't do that very often. Its super imbarrassing and explaining why only makes people think you are crazier then they already do.


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