Hello I recently had a iq test and scored 125 on perceptaul iq which involes solving picture puzzles. I was wondering do poeple with mdd have higher spatial abilities than normal people I have a hunch that we do in order to daydream the things we do. Spatail ability is the ability to manipulate and rotate 2d and 3d images in the mind.

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Probably, otherwise we wouldn't be able to form such clear pictures in our minds.

That is a good question. I, too, have a good spatial ability, which often helps with figuring out how to get somewhere without remembering street names or house numbers. I'm wondering if this may also tie in with the fact that some people are visual learners?

I'm horrible at that sort of thing.  I get lost easily, all the time.  I do poorly on those sorts of quizzes- especially the ones where you have to rotate a 3d image.  I have friends who are painters and engineers, and in both cases I have seen them draw and build objects and been amazed how they always see them from interesting points of view.  When I visualize something, it may be very detailed, but it is almost always flat and viewed straight on at eye level.  I've never created an interesting image in my life- either in real life or something I've imagined.  So I'm horrible at that sort of thing.  

In fact, when I think back to my childhood, I see that I was the sort of kid who was not aware of her surroundings almost to the point of seeming like a space cadet.  My parents drove me from home to school every day for years, for example, and yet I couldn't find the way myself if someone else asked me how to do it.  I remember constantly just going along with things and not really being aware of what was going on around me.  When I grew up and had to take more responsible (say, around middle school) it was very difficult for me to organize myself and pay close attention to what I was doing.  I got better at it and developed coping strategies.  For example, I still get lost unless I write things down and pay very close attention to what I'm doing so I'm careful to do that to an extent that other people think is silly.  But I learned to laugh at myself about it years ago so I don't mind, and I create jokes about it myself.  

Your post interested me because I've always thought the MD was related to my lack of spatial ability.  I feel like I have a disorder that allows me to slip out of my real surroundings and not really attend to what is going on, and I wondered if a side effect of this disorder is that it permits me to slip into a fantasy world pretty easily.  So it's strange to see that you have the opposite experience!

Just to be clear, I'm pretty good at other aspects of thinking and learning.  I'm a logical and analytic thinker.  I'm also good at empathetic, artistic and philosophical type of thinking.  In school, I did very well in language arts and history based subjects and poorly in math based subjects, about average in science.  On the SAT, I scored nearly perfect on the language part and about average on the math.  That means that my combined score was pretty good, but when it was broken down it was striking to see how skewed my mind is in one direction.  I never took an IQ test, but I figure I'm in the average range.  I've always been able to perform competently in things when I try hard but I've never done/thought/experienced anything outstanding.  I was that sort of student who is expected to perform responsibly but is otherwise overlooked- doing well enough to not need intervention but not so well as to cause attention, and I generally didn't get into trouble.  I've found that I've been that sort of employee in my adult life as well.  I'm given responsibility and considered stable, competent and dependable, but no one would expect me to do great things or come up with a creative idea.  I have no mental disorder other than MD and run of the mill depression, and there is no drama in my life.  So aside from the fact that I have this extreme problem with spatial intelligence, I think my brain/mind is perfectly average.  The MD is probably the only strange thing about me.

My spatial ability is horrible.  I think it's a mistake to make broad assumptions about MDers.  They generally end up being false.  We're simply not all the same.  My daydreams are not very visual at all, either.  

I know I have a higher IQ (around 140) but I'm not sure on the spatial abilities. Spatial abilities would make sense, but not everyone's daydreams are really visual. Some people focus more on the feelings or the plots than the visuals.

I agree. Spatial abilities are in check when daydreaming or sewing.

Manipulate gravity, you're flying. Not knowing where to land is the real test. Only correct answers are a score.


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