Hey, You MD Writers-Let's Start a Chain of MD Story Sharing!

   Hello fellow MDers,

My name is Jennifer, I am 16 years old, and I have been living with MD for 8 years now.

   Okay, so here's the deal: I have been contemplating this for a while, but am now just going for it, because I honestly think it is a fantastic idea. I am speaking to those of you who take their experiences with MD and turn them into books. Is anyone else out there writing a book based off of your daydreams and daydream characters? I have been seeing it all over the site from people, mostly like popcorn, though. I have read that some people on this site are writing a story based off of their daydreams through comments on blogs, discussions, etc., and I am doing the same, so, shouldn't we share with one another?  Wouldn't it be great if this discussion turned into a "scene sharing" discussion? What I mean by that is, maybe each of us writers can copy and paste scenes from our daydreams that we wrote down in Word Documents onto a comment underneath this discussion to share them with other MD writers, and we can read, comment on, and compare our stories. I would absolutely love to do that. If sharing our stories in the comments section becomes too hard, we could even start an open group and share MD scenes through blogging or through discussions in that group. I would love that, too. Story sharing would be so much fun. 

   Sorry, I just want to clear this up, because I am not sure if I explained what "scene sharing" is in my definition. So, I am working on a novel based off of my daydream plot with my made up characters and scenario, and I find it very hard to write the book from the beginning. So, what I do is I pick out what I consider "scenes" from my daydreams, and I write them down from one of the two of my main character's point of view. What I plan on doing is, after I write out all of my important scenes from my daydreams, going back and filling in all of the holes, or spots of missing information, fixing poorly written scenes, and wrapping up the story. I have been writing down really important scenes for months now, and I am willing to share so that people on this site can get a feel of my characters and what I daydream about. 

   This could be so much fun! C'mon, MDers! Let's show Wild Minds our creativity! Maybe we can even inspire other MDers to give writing a try, because it really can reduce the urge to daydream for some MDers. (But, be careful; for other people, it can be a trigger!) Does this sound like something anyone else on here would like to do? I would absolutely love to do this, but I just need the support of other MDers on this site, or else I'd be doing this on my own. That would be no fun. :/ 


   Please let me know! Can't wait to read your replies! Thank you very much. :-)

Jennifer x

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Ok ^_^

A lot of times during daydreams the narrative is that of a story. I have always had difficulty attempting to write it down. It's sort of lost in translation from thought to language or something. 

I'm willing to try again and write, or at least, read what anyone else has to share. 

That's amazing! Thank you so much! If only more people would be willing to do this. :( I thought this discussion was going to get so many comments, honestly. :/ I hope at least a few more people are willing to do this!
YAY! Thank you, Samantha! Anyone can start anytime they want. :-) Basically, if you were to write the story of your daydreams as a book, what would your most important scenes be? You don't even have to share your most important scenes. They can just be scenes that you think are well-written by you. Scenes that let us get a feel of your characters and their personalities. I really want to do this, because I want other people to hear the drama/romance story of my daydreams that I daydream about a lot, and I am interested in knowing others characters and daydreaming scenarios. Maybe we should create an open group so that each member can blog each scene. That way we wouldn't have to do it in the comments of this discussion.
hopefully that clears up any confusion you had! I appreciate your will to participate!
Sounds wonderful! Thank you very much! I will create the group ASAP and inform you once it has been created.

hello Jennifer , i need to participate but actually all my fantasy is about me , im the core of my DD , My real me is the main character . i don't DD about cartoon characters or super heros . i don't know if i can participate and how =)) . anyway i'm following what are you doing guys and i'm very interested in reading your stories ...Go on . 

Hey, friends! Remember this blog? Sorry that it took me so long to create the group! Join here! http://wildminds.ning.com/group/md-writers-share-your-stories-here

I was doing a journal of stuff like that about three years ago! Now you got me wanting to start up again. Is it all right if I share the ones from the journal, even though they are old? 

Aww, you guys are so sweet! Of course you may join! You don't have to ask! :D 

I'd love if you could share anything you have, SwanInTheWater! It will be really interesting for all of us to get to know one another's plot and characters. :) It'd be cool to get a peak at everyone else's second life. :P

Aw, sure, Ms. Antigone! No worries, I think everyone is kind of feeling afraid to share what they have written. You are not the only one! Even if you don't want to share, I agree with you, it will be really cool to see what everyone else has written. I sure hope you do begin writing again! I'd love to know your characters and plot. :) 

So excited that people here are optimistic about this group! I am so glad we might be able to pull this off. :)

Just joined :-D


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