Ever since you discovered the community of Maladaptive Daydreaming, have you had daydreams of meeting someone with it in your real world?

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I didn't have any daydreams about it, though at one point it seemed possible to meet with one friend, Emilia, 'cause we were both traveling to the same country. I might be visiting UK next year so yeah there is/was a member who I figured I might meet up with.

I actually know tons of people with it; I was happy to find the community here but really the biggest thing it did was just give me a name to call it by. Since I found the site I've even gone out and asked a bunch of people I suspected daydreamed like I did if they had a bunch of things on the symptom list and they all did. There are endless daydreamers out there! You just have to know where to look for them.

Before i even knew about MDD, i had a friend in high school. He was the only friend i had. He had explained to me that he, "excessively daydreams". Saying that he places himself into the life he wish he had. This frightened me so much, since i felt i was the ONLY person on the planet that did this. Since then, him and i are no longer friends. But i think this goes to show its probably much more common, than any of us realize.

No I didn't day dream about it.  My brother caught me MDing and then he admitted that he does the same thing to.  So he is the only person I know with it and he is one of the closet people to me.


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