I am sincerely curious as to how you approach your MD while schooling.

If you're currently in college or have attended in the past, what are/were you studying?

Any ambition/goal that you have already achieved or would like to pursue?

Does MD affect your performance as a student? How do you cope with it?


I'll be going to art school for the second time since my drop-out because of MD. I've made a vow to myself that I must really make the most of this opportunity and get the degree, so for that I must be more productive and combat MD by routine and habit.

It would be interesting to know what you study in particular and whether or not MD has ever helped you -  for instance if you go to art school, are you able to project your daydreams on the blank canvas or through music, or if you study languages, history, science, or medicine, are you able to use your creativity constructively and get through all the studies and exams?

Any experiences or thoughts are appreciated.

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I got a degree in English just last year.  It was very difficult for me to study.  In fact, this was my second attempt at higher education.  I first attended college when I was 18, but it got so hard with my MD and lack of concentration, that I quit before getting my degree.  Then, I went back 11 years later, and it was still really bad but a bit better.  I had to change majors twice, and it would take me all day to accomplish even the smallest amount of work.  What I did to make it easier was just not stress about it.  I wouldn't pressure myself to get things done quickly.  If it took all day to write a paragraph, so be it.  I did manage to use my MD in my writing.  I'm not good at coming up with original stories, so whenever we had to write anything, I would just borrow from my story lines, and that got good results.  I wish you luck with your studies.  


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