I’ve had MD for as long as I can remember. At first when I was young it wasn’t an issue, but as I got older and daydreaming became something I had to do at least twice for 2 hours each, I started to get bored of reality. Reality started to get dull and grey, while my worlds became more fun,interesting. There isn’t a dull moment in my worlds, but I’m so bored with reality. I honestly feel like I’d rather live in my fantasy than this reality. For a year or two now I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t feel real, sometimes nothing feels real. I just don’t know what to do? Reality is getting more boring and my reasons for staying in this reality are running out as my relationships keep disappearing because I’d rather spend time with my para’s then actual people. I don’t know, it’s just getting harder to stay in touch with reality, everything feels so fake and I feel like nothing matters because I can just ‘restart’. Idk if any of this makes sense, but I just need to do something.

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You sound depressed.
Real life has ups and downs it isnt all fun. In fact it hurts.feel the pain and reach out .You may find out that relationships take on more meaning.


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