Losing opportunities because of mdd. how to take the first step of stopping ?

Mdd has taken away a lot of opportunities from me. i was pursuing engineering but i got so lost in my head and my grades started slipping and i did not even care, all i was interested in was my dreams , they made me feel so alive i did not want to stop at all. Now i've dropped out of college and not by choice. i've been sitting at home for around 8 months and everyones concerned about my future except me.i'm just so happy in my daydreams that i just don't care about anything. Now i'm realizing that i've wasted 4 years of mylife doing nothing and i feel bad about it but also the daydreams just dont stop. i'm so torn aprt i cant take any decisions it gets so confusing for me to want just one thing and stay focused. i want this to end but i'm not sure how to ?
anyone else feel this way ? any tips from people who've moved on ?

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Theres some good articles on how to slow it down or manage such as identyfing triggers and meditation exercise etc
I would google how to stop md and see what comes up
The exact same thing happened to me for quite some time. My grades dropped in high school, because I started day dreaming heavily and got sucked into it. I didn't care or seem to realize that it was going to effect my future. My dad even blew in my face so angrily over my report card and warned me that I might eventually be poor. I made it into an arts & design college, where I took many creative courses, but dropped out of fine art, and entered another program that was wrong for me. It was so challenging and I didn't do very well. I graduated with a degree anyway, and took a shot at getting a job out there. As a conclusion, I was very unsuccessful.

Then years later, I actually woken from my daydreams and transformed significantly to an extent that I strongly regretted ever starting the daydreams. I couldn't afford to move from home and still live there today. I'm in a contract that sucks. Actually, I have to start my schooling and career decisions all over again. It's a complete and utter disaster. My parents are so disappointed in me and don't even find me a grown up.

I didn't realize that something that made you so happy at one time, has ultimately turned into a living nightmare. Please talk to a psychotherapist for your daydreams. There are several ways to coax with stopping them.
Yes, I still deal with trials and errors. I have tactics to lessen my dding, usually it's fear and caution.
I'm about to post a long article about how I got MD to go away. I always was and always will be a dreamer but the compulsive side of it can definitely be repaired. I can now ignore triggers like music or sadness and keep my thoughts straight. It's a huge relief.

But if I'm walking to work or something, I'll DD a little for fun.

Silver Swan, I hope things go well for you from here on out - you deserve a new start. I would say 'pretend you had a terrible illness and had to start from scratch' but that's exactly what happened, so don't listen to their disappointment if you can help it.
Thanks to you all
Cant wait until you share how you stopped
Actually I did, with extreme force of inner perception.
Well, at age 29 I mentally transformed, because I got an important job where I couldn't act the way I did before. So, while I worked in the job, my state of mind was changing. It actually felt very eerie. I was looking outside myself and seeing how strange and beyond my MDD has been. Afterwards, my body began to transform too. Every 7-10 you become a different person, literally. All of your cells are reproducing and all of old ones die off. So, your whole bodily physically changes.

So, by the time I was 32, I looked back at an older way of life and another person, so I thought "What the hell?" Apparently, it took me a couple of years to accept that this is who I used to be. Basically, I looked back at a crazy life of compulsive daydreaming. There, I realized as to why I lost so many good opportunities. I wasn't paying any attention and nobody even knew what I was thinking, because I wasn't very talkative, being lost in my head all that time. Thing is, when You start daydreaming, it will catch onto you and get stronger over the years. It will also make you believe that amazing things will come along, even if your just sitting there...deep in thought, and not doing anything about it.

Reason why it eventually stopped, is because my life was getting so much harder and stricter. I live with a family who just won't let it go. Everything I do in the house is surveyed, and they have to push in and boss me around. If I do something dumb, then I easily get into deep trouble. If I go anywhere—they want to know when I'm coming home (I still reside with my parents by the way). Right now I have to find ways to be independent, which seems hard to believe (I'm a millennial) and I also have ASD. I'm in a contract that just sucks—doesn't pay big.

My point is, it took me until I was mentally awake and alive to understand why things went rock bottom, and it was maladaptive daydreaming. If you really do want things—please set goals and make an action plan, and make sure your financially prepared. Make sure your health and well-being is great! Just don't rely on your daydreams to grant your wishes.

man yeah I hear you. First of all: don't JUDGE yourself. MDD is a disorder, maybe not recognized by DSM classification, but still....it can get a hold of you...got someone to talk to you can trust? I think what might help is a plan of action, and someone to help you to stick to the plan when you're lost. Just some simple tips... And just realize that everyone loses opportunities, not only us MDD weirdo's :)


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