Doing MDD for years, I didn't quite understand as to why people overreacted on me so strongly, as if I committed a crime. I guess not everyone has the patience to learn and understand how MDD'ers face their life walking in a fantasy realm a few hours a day—why should they? They don't have the problem. So of course they're going to give dirty expressions and yell their heads of at you, as loud as they can. They will only assume what your doing, and be crossed that you can behave in such a way. Believe me I spent 33 years running into difficult problems with people, losing the chance to make friends and have steady relationships with guys—all for the sake of weaving daydreams in my head. At first, I found it fun as heck. It filled me with happy and joyous emotions, making me dance, jump and run all over the place. Apparently, it made me laugh too often at inappropriate moments, which killed my social life in junior high. Growing up, relationships were extremely difficult to attain. Most found me an air head, who couldn't keep grounded and listen to their words. I looked forward to marriage, traveling and buying a home, and they never came true, because I was never here. After quitting MDD, my troubled past now makes sense, and I have a better understanding of what not to do in future. Hopefully I can rebuild my life and develop new found relationships with better people whom I can connect with and get along real well.
Unlike the previous crowd that just chucked me to the curb.

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