Longstanding daydreams and what happens when facts get in the way???

Hi Everyone,

                  I'm new on here anfter coming across this site after a google search.I really thourght I was the only person who had lived the last 30ish years running a parrallel daydream world.

  In real life I am very happily married to a lovely man and have 2 great kids.I have a good job that I enjoy and plenty of friends.My "fantasy"world comes from a very disfunctional childhood and I realised it helped me cope and survive what happened.


  I fantasise usually scenarios that involve a character from TV as my partner.There daydreams can get very involved and I do get emotionally attached.My problem comes when I find out things about their real lives e.g.they are married.I then feel devastated-as I would if it had actually happened in my real relationship.While my head knows that this is crazy I can't help the emotions.My latest fantasy life has become a bit too all consuming and for the first time ever has started to intrude on my life the last couple of months.Recently I found out that this actor was married and am now all over the place.

 Does anyone else have a similar story?How do you manage it?? 

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I dont know what age they started. I was very small. I was maximum 5 years old and they got increasingly worse until they REALLY got bad when I was 12.

My best theory as to why it stopped it that I didnt need it anymore. Or...more likely, because my PTSD from childhood stuff got really bad and I started cutting so it kinda took over my thoughts and I didnt have room to slip away into that world anymore

Sorry I was using that as an example as in, if I give my DD time to roam free, they will increase and become almost impossible to stop.  Yesterday I was feeling like rubbish and allowed myself to DD.  The result was that today as I didn't have work I daydreamed for over 7 hours solid and it was hard to break away from it.  I have only JUST had something to eat and now it's 7:29pm where I am.
roxanne said:

Melissa - Don't you miss it?  I can't imagine waking up one day & it was gone. 

Tink - You actually DD for 5 minutes at a time & that's it?  Even 15 minutes?  You guys have so much control. 

Melissa - I think that is a bad exchange.  I would much rather DD than cut.  Have you gotten any help for that?

Tink - Now that sounds like a real DD fest.  Are they basically romantic?  Are you the central figure?  Any celebs involved?


Oh yeah...horrible exchange and I didnt intend to make any exchange. I started cutting while having no idea that I would stop MDDing.

yes, Ive gotten help. I havent cut in a year and all my other issues that came around that time are doing well also.

Good for you.  That is fantastic.  It sounds like you came thru some rough things and that is never easy to overcome.  One probably never is totally over them, but it can make you stronger, more resilient.  So you went thru childhood traumas, MDD'd, started cutting, stopped MDD's, got help & stopped cutting.  Sounds like a great book to me.

it did make a great book, but it made no mention of the MDDing

it was mainly about the PTSD, cutting and eating disorders while in and out of a psychiatric ward.

Though I hope to one day write one about the MDDing

How come you didn't mention the MD - is it that the other things are more commonly known & thus accepted?  How can we get the book?

For a few reasons. I hadnt admitted the MDD to anyone yet, and the book covers a 6 month period of my life, and that was after I stopped MDDing.

I only talked about the MDDing for the first time in a vid on my main youtube channel a few months ago. I was prepared to take the vid down if it was taken badly, but it was well received and thats where I learned what this type of DDing is called. Lots of people who felt alone in MDDing were surprised. (my family didnt know about this before I put that vid up...so...Surprise!!! lol)

The book is called "Lady Injury" and you can get it at most online stores like Amazon.

I am anxious to get it.  Will you write another one now?

Not right away. I just finished publishing  a series of 2 sci-fies for yourngadults and I wanna wait a little bit and get other things done. But the ideas are bursting in my head about what I could do about a character with this issue of MDDing.

I had really severe tourettes syndrome until recently (I got a treatment for it that isnt well known) and so now I can work and I have to find a job instead of disability. Gotta be my priority. But Woot!! the book comes after that ;)

I would be really interested in knowing what treatment you got.  You have led a very interesting life.

Have you read any of Cordellia's writings?  She is excellent.

That's sweet of you to say!  Thank you!  

roxanne said:

I would be really interested in knowing what treatment you got.  You have led a very interesting life.

Have you read any of Cordellia's writings?  She is excellent.


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