Today I got caught DDing by my housemate. I woke up this morning and after about 5 minutes of being awake I started DDing and talking out loud, having a conversation with someone in the DD. Later I was having breakfast with my housemate and she asked if I had been skyping with someone earlier. I said, that I was talking on the phone to my friend, K. Then she said, "Oh I just had a dream that you were skyping someone."

I've lived with housemates for the past 5 years and I think it's likely that they have all probably heard me DDing but didn't say anything. 

Half the housemates were people I met off Craigslist so it didn't matter too much what they thought of me, but some of the people have and continue to be my good friends. The one I'm closest too, I lived with the longest and she hasn't ever said anything about it. It's so weird getting caught. 

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My parents caught me speaking phrases out loud and that was about it...they didn`t even asked me what was that, guess they did not worried about it.

I was daydreaming in my room with the music on once when I was a teenager and after I came out of my room my dad asked if I was talking on the phone. When I said yes, he asked how come he didn't hear me talking on the phone when he picked up the other line then. Then I told him that I had been talking to myself. He was kind of weirded out and then asked if I answer myself. Haha I said no, because my usually only play the part of my idealized self and then imagine other people's responses in my head. My dad said that as long as I don't start answering myself back that its probably ok. Otherwise I might need to "talk to someone." Haha 

Matheus F said:

My parents caught me speaking phrases out loud and that was about it...they didn`t even asked me what was that, guess they did not worried about it.

This has happened to me. Back when I lived with roommates for undergrad, I used to pace a lot in my room. Every now and then my roommate would knock on my door and ask if I was okay, and if the footsteps were coming from my room or somewhere else. I had no idea what to say and don't remember what I said but I was really embarrassed. She probably thought I had schizophrenia or something. "Luckily" we weren't necessarily friends and I haven't seen/spoken to her in 2 and a half years.

Living with my mom I don't even have the space or the privacy to pace now, and I don't DD much anymore. So it hasn't recently been a problem although I do miss my DDs.

I don't even try to hide it. I walk circles around the coffee table while my family is eating at the dinner table 5 meters away and they watch me do it.

I'm not embarassed. Why would I pretend I don't have this problem? It doesn't matter much anyways. They don't understand and they don't try to help me get rid of it or anything, even though I explained them multiple times.

However I don't talk. And I only show facial expressions if I pace in certain rooms of the house, I can't get that deep into it if there are people in the same room. During dinner I usually walk away from the table and go pacing in another room while chewing. So I don't get disturbed by others and I can daydream as best as possible. They all know that I'm just walking circles in the next room.

But I told them this was a problem and they refused to help me with it. If I want to go "talk to someone" I need to make that happen myself so yeah; they don't realy care.

I realise how stupid this sounds haha

In college now and deal with this every day. I used to swing at home but here of course, no swing. So I pace with music. I only do it when my roommate is gone and it's been the biggest struggle adjusting to college life. Someone's always here with me so I can never DD like I used to.


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