Hi please can I get some advice on how to cut down on my daydreaming. 

For the first time in my life I have been living alone. I moved in 4 months ago and to begin with I didn't daydream more than a few minutes before I went to bed. I had a lot of work to do with my new home decorating etc which kept my mind occupied.

Everything is now finished and I'm finding I'm spending a lot of time day dreaming. When I get home from work I normally daydream while cooking dinner and then when I tidy up. I can be watching something on TV and find my mind wanders to my daydream. I don't think it helps my daydream is a new one with a new love interest who is famous so I can watch things they have acted in and find myself doing this even while I'm falling asleep.

I see my friends and family about once or twice a week which cuts down on my time but I'm finding when I am at work I crave going home to my own space to daydream. I feel I am submerging myself within my daydream. I listen to music and pace. I also sometimes have their films on while I pace. 

Before I lived with my parents so I couldn't pace around unless they were out and not for very long. 

Does anyone else live alone? How  you cope?

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I try to keep myself occupied. I pace aloooooot and I'm still in shock that this disorder even exists. I'm in shock that im looking at your story right now. Set aside special time for dreamworld and maybe go for walks. Try to get yourself out of the house and interact more. I struggle with this because I am very heavy on the introverted side but it helps.
I relate to this a lot. Do you have or would you ever consider getting a pet? That can help because it sort of feels like someone else is with you, and pets will often react to pacing/other daydream movements which can help snap you out of it.

Thank you for the replies.

Hi David

I understand how you feel, I felt the same shock when I found out about this site as I always felt I was the only one who daydreamed in adulthood. I am the same I am introverted and struggle sometimes to leave the house unless I have a valid reason like going to work or have to go shopping. What type of things do you find keep you occupied? as I find my mind wanders no matter what I am doing, even walking can set off my daydreams.

Hi Aj 

I would love to get a pet but I work long hours and it would be unfair on them to be alone for long periods of time. It would be nice as I feel sometimes I daydream to stop myself feeling lonely or suddenly realising that I am alone.

My best advice is to find something to do i find gaming helps me alot because it gives you that sense of being someone else.. being somewhere else. It gives you that sureal sense of daydreaming but i guess it can help limit it cus then youll think more about your game then about your daydream


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