Do you try to limit the amount of time you daydream? I usually can't limit it really because even when I am doing other activities I daydream and lose focus.

Have you tried to set aside some time where you just focus on daydreaming, like for 2 hours and then try not to daydream the rest of the day?

Does it help or make it worse to try and limit this?

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Yes i tried to limit time never work when o adjust a watch only work when u luv the other thing u do besides DD or know it is a need u have to do happily xcpt zat not work wz me

I don't try to limit mine since I don't see it as negative, but I'm the same way as you that my daydreaming isn't an activity I focus on at one time. My daydreams constantly go in my mind as I go about my day. There are some moments when all I'm doing is daydreaming like while I'm trying to fall asleep but they are brief.

I know personally though when I haven't had a chance to daydream I get extremely grumpy and just overall become a terrible person to be around so I have to make sure I attend to it. I can't imagine how intolerable to be around I'd be if I tried stopping lol. I also get that way when I'm interrupted mid-daydream.

I've never yet tried to limit it.  I keep thinking maybe I will just for an expairiment, but it's just always there.  I'm starting to wonder what the mind is like for a person without MDD because I feel like my head is always going.  Do they just have blank spaces or do they think about boring stuff and life narration.  

Specifically giving a few hours to day dream has never worked for me. My day dreams seem too interesting to consciously stop them. Presence of others or unavoidable chore etc has made day dreams go into background. They usually start as soon as I am alone again. Sometimes when some overwhelming event is about to happen, I have managed to shut off my day dreams and feel real emotions.
Over the long years I found that if I am having to attend to an emotional task or need to pay attention I don't MD but as soon as the situation has passed I can slip back in. Like as a child waiting for school to be over (needed to pay attention to avoid bullies) so I could go home and have my other life in my head.I even stopped to get married (twice) and thought it was over but although I now have a good marriage I still MD.


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