The rules are simple, Ill start with a sentence and everyone adds on to the story. 

It can a phrase, a narration - Basically ANYTHING that you can imagine! 

However, try to keep things short and sweet. :D

Here goes! 

Todd was feeling rather odd this morning. He had a good breakfast, A good night's rest... but he could not shake off this feeling that something was terribly wrong.

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So he looked out the window and saw 3 bears watching him.

The first bear was as small as a Child, with A ribbon on her head.

And the mother and father bear were dancing the macerena.

More disturbing still was the girl standing in his doorway. Armed with a sword. Watching him intently.

"What in the world?!", screamed the man. As he said that, everything around him became more and more random.
Tables began to grow arms, chairs started to fly and..

the girl with the sword attacked. Not him, but the random flying furniture.  When most were subdued, she grabbed Todd's arm and said...

Todd tried his best to pull his arm away. He felt awkward and wish that the girl would just leave him alone. Was she a stalker, he thought.

"Todd, listen to me," she said. "This world is under the control of WM-Ultra."

"Tha- thats impossible.." Todd muttured.
"Why is everything suddenly so random?", she replied, "Its all WM-ultras fault! In 3 days, YOU will become a cactus as well!"
"The whole world," said Todd, "as cacti?!"

it was a puzzling situation for him ,,,,,,,,, SO todd asked her to explain everything in detail,,,,Then she started telling    " WM ultra are actually another form of humans who are evil ,,, it is not known when they have evolved out of us but now they are destroy every life form on this planet ,,the reason for it is  still not clear"

"Whatever it is.. they must really love cactuses." Todd joked.
"WAIT! What did you say?"
"I said, they love Cactus?"

"So if C + A is the directional force of U and S, as well as the volumetric measurment of fruit...BINGO!! IVE FOUND THIER WEAKNESS!!" Exclaimed the girl


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