So, I have an constant internal struggle of wanting to write my characters lives as a novel and being too wrapped up in the story to even know where to start. I've written some of it out multiple times and then end up hating it. I am a major procrastinator and need some form of deadline or responsibility to someone else to force me to follow through on tasks. I am determined to write my 20 year old story to completion this year no matter what.

I have a proposition for anyone who is also interested in writing their Mdd story.

Is anyone interested in setting deadlines to write chapters or certain page limits per month and then exchanging stories to help edit and peer review each other's writing?

I think it could be a really great way to utilize our skills and begin a journey down a new way of expressing our mdd.

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I am interested in that, I believe that writing our MD stories would be the "ultimate" use for our daydreams. I too have tried to write out my stories as well, but the issue exists that my writings never seem to live up to my daydreams in my head. All in all, I still think that that is an interesting challenge and I am willing to try it out. I think it will give me more of a purpose for my writing if I have a deadline and a peer editing group. I think this could be fun :)


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