Learning about new things as I research characters

I was thinking about this today. I've found over the years that my MD centres around romantic relationships mainly with famous or slightly famous men.
I tend to do alot of research I can become obsessed with seeing current pictures and info to keep my daydreams I guess up to date.
I tend to find out about things through interviews etc.
I have found that if music, literature or something that interests the person I am MDing about is mention I will look into it.
I have read books, listened to music and read into subjects I may have never considered.
At the moment my main MD is around someone who plays rugby so I have found myself reading up on the sport and also watching games which I never did before.

Does anyone else experience this? I feel sometimes MD has actually helped me weirdly develop interests.

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Yes, same here. I know a lot about random things just because it's related to my characters. And they're usually pretty dark. Psychology usually, like psychopaths. Child abuse... true crime... conspiracies... I actually have a character who I made that loves documentaries so I watch more and more of those. Also through school I'd use my characters to help me study. I swear MDD comes in handy sometimes.

If my DD scenario takes place in a different era, I'll research what clothes/manner of conducting myself are period accurate, what major world events were going on at the time (war) and cultural norms.

Same here. Not only do I research things relevant to my "daydream" self- I remain me, but the circustances and events of my life change depending on the DD- I actually create fantasy wadrobes, houses, locales, families, etc. In addition to real life events surrounding the time period. I'm full of trivia and ideas useful only to myself, lol.


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