I am too old for this.

But I love it.


I want to be a writer, and I had myself convinced for a few years daydreaming would boost my creativity. But being obsessed with Narnia ever since third grade must be abnormal just too childish unnatural. Well, not exactly obsessed. I read the books a lot, I meet the characters in my imagination, write fanfiction...well, I think I am seriously deranged. I am also terrified of shrinks, which is why I refuse to go (and no doubt this is abnormal).

Well, it has helped a little. I write of Norse mythology, and I've won a few prizes, never anything serious, but at least some praise and a smidgen of money.  But I am too old.

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I also am a writer and daydreaming does boost my creativity, but i do have little bouts where it gets in the way. we just need to learn to keep our addiction under control

inside i belive we all have a childish side.. but i wouldnt use the word childish persay.. maybe imaginative is more appropriate. i think i also am a little to "imaginative" for my age. but i embrace the fact that i am able to think openly and creatively! it gives me a sort of uniqueness :)

p.s- i would love to read some of your stories so if your willing to post them or email them to me that would be fantastic


whatever27616@aol.com = my MD email

Yes, feel free to post anything here. We love seeing creativity around here. :)

Miyamoto came up with Legend of Zelda because of his childhood feelings of being lost in his house and exploring a cave. When it comes to writing fiction, I don't think there's anything wrong with meeting other's characters, but! You make up whole new worlds by simply abstracting some of your favorite things together.  You're no longer just daydreaming, you're thinking about your own story!


Miyamoto is still pretty much heavily influencing video game history. And much more importantly, blowing children's minds with sheer awesome craziness.


Have you read any Neil Gaman? And, would you mind sharing your stories on this site?

I`m also a writer.


my advice is just write.


if you are in or near a city, there will be a community of writers you can befriend.

go to readings, take writing workshops, go to open mics.


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