Hello everyone,

I've had this M.D. since as far back as I can remember. 

In a way, I'd be afraid to stop the daydream because then I think it would never come true.  And since I'm so unhappy with my life, its the one thing that keeps me calm.   Lately I've been totally engrossed in it and I'm getting absolutely nothing done because all I want to do is sit and dream.

I've actually had the same daydream since I was at least 17 years old (I'm 50 now) and its just adapted as I get older to my own age.   But its the same place, same situation, etc.  When I get bored with one way its going, I just change the direction. 

Anyone else do this?

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It seems the older I get the more engrossed I tend to get.  I have to tell myself to refocus. 

I've had the same daydream since September of last year. When I get bored of a daydream I either add something new and crazy to the storyline or find a new daydream. I think this daydream is here to stay, though. I've actually been searching for one permanent daydream so that my "other life" could have some consistency, and I think that this daydream might be the one.


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