Just discovered for the first time that this is actually a Medical Condition.

Today I was just sat spending most of my day dreaming as usual when I just decided to ask in a public anonymous forum about what I had and that was the first time I came across the words "Maladaptive Daydreaming" and realized it was an actual medical condition. I mean now I totally understand since been quite an addiction for me for the past 8 years. 

Let me tell u a bit about my daydreaming, it seemed to have started when I was about 13, my social life wasn't amazing and I used to stay home most of the time. Back then I was a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, and u can say they kind of triggered this whole thing. I created this other world for myself, seeing myself as a character in "Hogwarts", and I would create dialogues in my mind and my own adventures. I would always picture myself as this beautiful girl that was Harry's love interest. The only problem with me when it comes to Daydreaming in general is that I could start developing feels towards people in my dreams that exist in real life because of how they act in my dreams not in reality, and I can become quite obsessed just like I got obsessed for a while with Daniel Radcliffe the actor who played Harry Potter:D  

However as I grew My dreams turned into what u can say a better alternative of reality like when I met my first love and after we broke up, I would daydream about him and create my own stories about him long after he was gone which made it so hard to forget about him, it took me many months to move on. Also as i grew I seemed to have more and more sexual fantasies and they became more intense over the years, and addictive. In my dreams I also always seem to be a lot prettier, and more powerful like it's the better version of me or how Ive always wanted to be.

I really enjoy daydreaming but I just feel like they are getting in the way of lots of things and distract me from my studies and sometimes I just can't get out of bed in the morning because of them. I think I use them as a way to escape from reality because the truth is there's barely anything going on, like when it comes to Uni I'm always a disappointment to my parents with my grades, and when it comes to my love life, the guy I'm in love with left me two weeks ago, and whenever I set my mind to something like taking a course or getting a job or achieving something I never actually do it. Maybe it's because I've always felt like a failure somehow. But still I just wish that I could do something to fix my life rather than just dream of a better one.  

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So sorry I'm new here and didn't realize the discussion board
Was mainly questions:\lol...I just wanted to share my story and I am very
glad to have found this site, It just feels like I'm home really esp reading
All the other stories. Esp that I've never really known someone with
The same condition as me.

Haha, it is okay. Welcome to Wildminds! I hope you enjoy this site. It is nice to meet you I'm Jenna.  :)

It'll be alright. I'm here if you ever want to talk.

i daydream about harry potter too....what can i say? JK rowling made an addicting world.


Farah, I think I started dding around 8 or 9. I'm 51 now and still dding. Like you, I think I've missed out on a lot because of it, but I do enjoy my dd world so much.


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