I was watching the latest biggest finale (I love that show, I very much relate to the contestants) and the winner gave this great speech about how he had overcome all the bad things in his life by having small successes and somehow tying them together. That had taught him how to be a winner again. That struck a core. Big steps are hard for me with MD, but what if I can take baby steps and link them together?
Year 2012, 12 months, 12 challenges, 30 days each... I haven't planned the whole year out, one month at a time. each small step interlacing my real world self and MD persona closer together.
Each month I'm starting a discussion "January 2012" an so on, each day I'm going to try to make  a small journal entry. At the end of the month I'm going to make a blog summary (hopefully with some pics) of the month. By journaling the ups and downs.  By trying to measure my efforts I really hope that I can stay motivated and see this through. 
If there is anyone else who wants to join in, you are more than welcome! Your goals and monthly challenge can differ from mine. 
So January. The first order of business is for me to chuck out my ADSL, tv and put my computer under lock and bolt. These are all major culprits in my MD taking a turn for the supernatural and ostentatiousness that will kill my new years resolution. Btw via cellphone  I can't access my blog or most of the other stuff on this site. 
January is media detox and back to basics month. In MD I'm a very fit (runs marathons, has abs) and very organized person. In real life, the only exercise I get is running to the subway in the morning, because I never can find my stuff so I'm always running late...
This month I will:1 get 8hours of sleep2 work out, at least 3 times per week3 eat a balanced diet (no more potato chips for dinner)4 clean and organize my home5 only DD about actual me 

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Jan 19. Ok day at work, 40 tough minutes interval cardio and ok eating. This week I have been sleeping really well. The first two weeks I got my 8 hours in bed but I slept restlessly. It feels like my body has gotten used to the level of activity and now settles down at bed time. As opposed to being in fight and flight mode. Next week will be interesting, Wednesday-Friday I'm off on a business trip. I.e. 14hour work days, eating all my meals out and tv/adsl in my hotel room. Crap! I'm really REALLY excited about the work part off it, the other parts worry me. It feels like I'm on a show and being sent on a "temptation challenge". 

That sounds really interesting.  What will you be doing for the work part of it?

Dr. Oz yesterday said that his number #1 recommendation for replacing salt, butter, etc is CHINESE 5 SPICE.  Alright.  Tonight I just put it on roasted cauliflower with some oil spray - separated all the little florets - and baked at 450 for 30 minutes.  Yummy.

Jan 20.

I’m doing great with the work outs, and falling behind on clutter... So instead of going to the gym this morning I cleaned clutter for 2 hours. I have 14 large binders and loads of notebooks containing notes from my 7 years of college+university education. These notes take up a corner in my apartment (have been doing so for years!), collect dust and give me a bad conscience. They contain too valuable info for me to throw away. Yet in the state that they are, I don’t access any of that info. So another challenge for 2012 is to digitalize the content, make it searchable and easily accessible. I think Evernote+Kindle DX is the best way to go...? This presents another great opportunity, even though I rely heavily on  computers for my work (and previous education) I have never learned touch typing! So in 2012 I’m mastering touch typing, the goal is 50wpm at a 95% accuracy rate.

Plan for tomorrow: Drive+shopping in the morning, going to the gym with my dad, art exhibit, pizza and gladiators with my family. I won’t see them at all next weekend and want to spend some quality time this weekend :)   

Rox: I work in a research company and am being sent on a management conference. 

Jan 21.
Today I woke up, grumpy, surly and just unpleasant. I just felt off, I was however nice to my family, a bit quieter and more temperamental than usual though. I went for the drive+shopping, did 45 min at the gym, bought 120grams of sweets. The only change in the program was that due to a blizzard and me having loads to read up on for my trip we scrapped the museum visit. I’ve spent the most of the day in bed reading, watching some tv and DD.

This week I’ve worked out with Bob Harper and one of the things he’s been saying to me over and over again is “Become the woman you see in your dreams”. The touch typing is a perfect example of a skill that my dream self possess. I did a touch typing test and scored 39 wpm 92%, so I’m raising my target to 70 wpm for 2012. My dreams self has a lot of those nifty little super skills. With a media detox and and DD control I hope to have time to develop those.

I also took a closer look at the hotel and they have a great gym and spa section.

I love your typing regime to match your DD girl.  I've tried to think of other little things like that.  I have kept the added 2 years, despite being very tempted to give them up.  I have stayed strong on that front, but not yet ready to go older.  Will at some point. 

I do use my DD persona to flirt with my husband, but have always done that - have actually included him in the fantasy, making him an indian, pirate, whatever, many times.  I'm going to try to think of ways to tweak that.  (His favorite is my Tinker Belle, complete with green outfit, wand & wings.  That was in my blonde days.)

I'm going to spend day thinking of other ways to tweak the two, to bring them a little closer.

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  ~Flavia Weedn

Jan 22. Have had a tension headache and felt cold and tired all weekend. Tonight I took a hot bath and had a berry fruit salad. I do feel much better after it! The rest of the plan is to take some advil and get to bed early. I really hope its just due to stress and not a looming cold or flu! I need to get my stress levels under control and start to prioritize more. Otherwise the day has been great. Had a girls day out with mom :) 
Sorry to hear that L and E are having a bit of a rough patch. Emotions really get in the way of the best of intentions at times. Just be really gentle with yourselves and remember the "This is a marathon not a sprint" mantra. It certainly helped me when I was stressed and not managing my goals. E and R - nice idea to use your dd persona to flirt with your other half. I gave never thought about doing that with my husband as I like to be really authentic with him. Saying that if we fuse our dd and real life persona successfully then problem solved. Sounds like a lot of fun too. I've been a bit up and down but ridden the storm and out of the other end. Exercise and healthy eating back on track.Gone back to trash media blackout after slight Xmas holiday blip. L - I think we live parallel lives! I have been planning to learn touch typing for years as I type at work all the time. I'm fairly fast but use only a few fingers and many mistakes if I'm not really concentrating. What programme are you using to learn?
I hope everyone' stresses dissipate soon. 

Lightman said:
Jan 22. Have had a tension headache and felt cold and tired all weekend. Tonight I took a hot bath and had a berry fruit salad. I do feel much better after it! The rest of the plan is to take some advil and get to bed early. I really hope its just due to stress and not a looming cold or flu! I need to get my stress levels under control and start to prioritize more. Otherwise the day has been great. Had a girls day out with mom :) 

Hey I know I don't write much on the weekends but mostly because I've been staying offline to lessen the triggers, but I use my ipod a lot so I don't think its countering them much. I have been having a hard time towards the end of the week. I got some bad news that I may discuss later, but its been something that I have been really excited about and kept me pushing through. So that sucks but... things happen for a reason sometimes. 

I can't seem to get in bed at a decent time, I've been getting things done that I want to but I still feel the strong need to DD at night to help me and its been keeping me up. It seems Lightman you've been stressed a little and I'm right there with you but we got to hang in there!! I use my DD self to flirt and be spontaneous with my fiancé too Roxanne :) We made greek quesadillas at the house the other day and they were YUMMY I think I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested. 

Elizabeth - I want it.  I love Greek anything; sounds yummy.

Jan 23. It's a cold! Left work at lunch time, I don't have the best track record with being sick and not tumbling into major DD chaos. But I did everything right today! Cooked some chicken noodle soup, had loads of freshly squeezed juice, took a bath and napped. When I was awake I did some mild clutter sorting. I'm going to make a kinda of a bucket list of  super powers my DD self has, that I want to move into the real world. I have also outlined the year to give myself a good view that this is indeed a marathon. I will also only tackle one skill at a time. E sorry about your bad news, hope that you can turn it around! Please share the recipe, it sounds yummy! S I haven't figured out the typing yet, I don't think I will be using a program though... Great to hear that you are back in good form! R, great job on keeping those 2 years! 

Today is 1st of 15 (?) days of Chinese New Year.  In the Lunar calendar, this is the 1st day of spring - certainly seems like spring where I am - and so can take your bad luck (from last year, right thru today) & change it into good luck.    To help in this endeavor, it is suggested that you serve sweet fruits (esp. oranges & tangerines) & wine to friends & to the Kitchen God.  He will then only report good things about you to the Jade Emperor in Heaven.  And if he does report anything bad, the wine will slur his speech so that the J. E. won't understand him.  Sounds like some really handy advice to me!

Also, what you do in this next 15 days, ending Feb. 6 - 2 weeks from today - will set the tone for the whole year.

Stir-fry tonight, anyone?


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