I do a lot of the same things that people mention on here. I create an imaginary place and people. But there are times when my thoughts are very very pleasurable and they don't necessarily include a place or people. It's more analogies and philosophies that cause me to whisper, gesture, laugh, etc. Is it still considered a fantasy if it doesn't a place or person?

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I know fantasies come in different genres. Is philosophy considered one?

Me too! Glad that someone finally mention this, sometimes I also drift out from my fantasies, think hard about real life situations and eventually judge lifes and social values. Yes, lots of time it doesn't involve my imaginary characters, therefore it does make me doubt if it is MD.

This usually happens when I forced myself into real life deep thinking or in a temper that is worse than normal leading me unable to sink in my fantasies. So after many philosophical analysis, it usually ends up getting forgotten in the same way as my temper goes away, until my next temper comes up and I would somehow remember all of them again. It does stop me to go to full negative in some situations, but in general I don't think the thoughts help me in real life, and sometimes being a worse distraction than MD.

Most of mine seem to be this way. I am really quiet and have nothing to say around groups of people but I can't wait to excuse myself to a private room to express myself. Lately I have pacing, whispering, and gesturing my thoughts and analogies on MDD
I'm just curious if it's still considered fantasizing

If it is a definition thing, I don't think I am anyone qualify enough to answer this, lol. I guess this thinking and MDD would definitely relate in some way, just because...it feels really similar, in the way of coping with my negative feelings.


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