I recently found out that there was a name for my "overactive imagination" and it has been so comforting to hear that other people do this, but I have a question. Is it possible that I do this because my mom did it too? I feel bad hearing when people have a hard time explaining MD to their parents because when I told my mom and psychiatrist what it was she revealed that she had always done it too. My doctor said it worked as a coping mechanism and it is possible I got it from her.

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There is apparently something different in the brains of people who MDD, some part that gets overactive. So it might be possible, but I don't think genetics is the only cause. As always it is also a case of environment etc.

MD is such a new term. It has barely been researched so far and isn't yet recognized as a mental disorder (I think?) so we don't know whether it's genetic or not yet. Some mental disorders are genetic, other's aren't so there's no way to say anything about it yet other than there being the posssibility that it is.

I don't know of any research done on the possibility of a genetic basis to MDD. The fact that your mom did it may mean it is inherited or it could simply signify that it is more common that we realise.

My biological mother has it.

My dad does it too. Although, because of my dislike for my dad, i don't feel like i would have done it in a case of being around/seeing him do it when i was a child. I had always specifically ignored behaviours of my dad because i don't like him and was aware he was a bad role model. I think it could be possible that it is genetic though, because I've seen my sister do this too, just not as excessively as me, and not along with pacing etc like me.

I think it is also to do with environment as i have read before about MDD being related to childhood abuse and being in an abusive environment as a child; which me and my sister both were. However I've never really seen my mum do it, but have heard her muttering things when she's upset. Although i have never really asked whether she is daydreaming as she does this.

One thing i have noticed is that the older i have got, the more intensely i daydream (with less control over it). I find this strange in relation to environment because we left my dad when i was 10 (9 years ago). Due to this, it makes me wonder if it is due to kind of 'escaping' the real world when having a bad time; therefore creating a more successful version of myself with a better life (as i did as a child too) or whether it's down to genetics. 

Also, sort of in relation to this; i find that my daydreams tend to include specific people. The people that have appeared in my daydreams change often (but always real people i have met). And thinking about that, it's always people i either look up to in someway, or a bit more often; people i am attracted to, and the people that person is close to. Which in both cases are people who i aim to please. Not really sure about whether this is the main cause in many cases? But i find this very often with my own daydreams.


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