Is mania linked to hyperactive daydreaming?... Just curious. It could explain the burst of creativity involved in MD.

p.s.that's not me in the photo below.

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They really are.It's the only time I feel alive. I guess because of my natural state of anxiety-depression, the euphoria I experience I thought may be linked to mania.

I sometimes wonder if it's linked to OCD because I suffer from dermataliamania which is OCD linked and when I can't daydream for a while I uncontrollably scratch my scalp ( people are jerks and assume I have dandruff -ew!!! )and it looks strange lol so I don't know myself but I think it's hereditary because my grandmother and mother seem to have had it (though I try not to bring it up)

I think it just might be. It could explain why in social situations, I'm depressed to a point, I"m ready to jump in front of a train and when I'm at home and DDed a little, I'm all of a sudden in the best mood ever? I wonder why? All my bad memories, insecurities, flaws, lackings seem to pass through my head during social situations. It's like there's a demon telling me, look what they have, and what you don't. Look  how happy they are and look how unhappy you are. Look how they didn't go through half of the things you did, look how happy they are and how normal their lives are. "Look Sara, she actually has a mom and a dad, siblings, friends, perhaps a  boyfriend, stories to tell her friends. She can actually have fun and open up to other people, she's not a loser like you. She'll actually have a proper future. Nothing will ever change for you. You never had a not so pretty childhood, and hell no will you have a pretty adulthood. Might as well save everyone the trouble and not exist at all" And then memory lane time, I go think about almost everything I ever went through. I'm the quietest one in a party, and I literally imagine myself getting hit by a bus. Come home, cry a little, DD a little, and all of a sudden, my good mood is back. If that's not a form of mania, I don't know what is. I feel completely insane. 

I think you put it in words better than I ever could. It's like reading my life story.I think dding was(maybe?) a natural manic reaction by brain developed to cope.
I used to break my hair off while dding or when I was stressed.Its reduced now because I have consciously tried to reduce it but in moments of depression sometimes it re-surfaces.


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