Hiya! I'm new here and I have probably had MD since I was a young child, I'd daydream about me and characters from video games or movies and I found it so fun, I still do it now and I enjoy it more than real life. It probably is bad but I love having another life where I can be whoever I want and live in a fantasy world.
If I like a movie/video game and I become obsessed with it I'll start maladaptive daydreaming about it and when I was dealing with exams/school I used to think "if I finish studying early I can daydream about ____". I hope some of you can relate but I was wondering if it's so bad to genuinely enjoy the daydreaming? I don't want to stop even though it does sometimes take over my life.
Thank you for reading. :) x

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Hey! I also do that a lot, so it's probably normal for people like us. I think it's easier to be able to control what happens around us, which makes it more fun. A bit of advice, have a sponsor. Like someone you can talk to whenever you feel like daydreamig, or even if you can't find anyone, write about it, you'll find it as enjoyable as the daydream itself.

Thank you for replying! I'll try to find someone to talk to, I've honestly not told anyone about my MD yet haha.

It's not bad to enjoy daydreams. But it's outright terrible not to enjoy reality.

I don't think daydreaming is bad. I daydream abut tons of things. I just let it get to constant. It is rather fun though. It actually helps me cope with some stressful situations. Also I agree with Zabdy Haniel Monroy Gonzalez's reply. I love to write about my day dreams( hopefully no one will read it but me). 


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