Just wondering if your daydreams are always perfect. Do flaws exist in your daydreams? Is there ever drama, do your characters have bad habits or struggles? I have daydreamed drama in the past once or twice and my characters have flaws, even my dream guy.

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oh yes. always drama. I can't seem to have one without drama. I think I feed on the strong emotions that the drama brings out.

Yes, my characters have flaws. I make them go through lots of struggles. Agree with greyartist - without drama, my characters' lives would be so boring.

As far as I know, all my characters have flaws and just recently became more dramatic than I'd prefer them to be.

Most of the time they are exactly the way I want them to be.  It's the 1 place I can control EVERYTHING.  Maybe picturing them with flaws allow us to make tthe characters "less real".  If that makes sensce.

My alter ego doesn't have any physical or personality flaws, or at least what I consider to be flaws. She always has a dramatic back story that she has overcame. My other charters are the ones with flaws & tend to cause the drama.


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