The MBTI was created by daughter Isabel Myers, and mother Katherine Briggs. The idea of Myers Brigs is everyone in the world fits into 16 personality types. Your personality is made up of 4 preferences. It is also made up of strengths and weaknesses. This is based the order in which you use 8 cognitive functions. 

I would recommend looking into it. I'm still learning this, but there are many links that could explain it better. 

I identify with the ENFJ type.               

I prefer Extraversion over Introversion. I get energy from others, rather than solitude.

I prefer iNtuition over Sensing. I see the big picture, and possibilities, details, and facts.

prefer Feeling over Thinking. I make value based decisions, over logic based ones.

I prefer Judging over Perceiving. I prefer to have things decided, than leave them open ended.

ENFJs fit into a subgroup, with all the other iNtuitive Feelers. There are other sub groups as well, like Intuitive Thinkers, Sensing Perceiving, and Sensing Judging. The reason that sensors, and iNtuitives are split up isn't random, and has a solid reason. These groups date very far back, they are throughout history, and parts of the world. For example Greek philosopher - physician Hippocrates, Four Humors are based on this observation. A guy named David Kersey was updating these groups, when he came across the MBTI, and he realized that the 16 types fit perfectly into these four groups. He only made a slight tweak with Sensors, who he found were best divided by Judging verse perceiving.  

iNtuitives are a lot less common than sensors. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot iNtuitive Feelers were on this site, along with some iNtuitive Thinkers. Of coarse I'd bet there would be all of the types. I wouldn't be surprised if there were many Introverts either. I'd be interested to see what most people's types are.

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I'm an INFP 4w5 sx/sp. But not that surprising. I feel like INFP would be the stereotypical DDer if there was one.



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