I have a very unusual thing happen to me when I daydream.  My hands, and arms to a lesser degree move involuntarily when I am in deep daydream.  It is very peculiar because I never get caught because I can control it to the point where I wouldn't do it in front of somebody else. That being said however, whenever I am alone I begin doing it before I realize that I am like it is a completely involuntary response to the daydream.  It seems to be a response to specificity in the daydream.  By that I mean that it seems to be triggered when my mind is figuring out some particularly specific detail.  (eg. If I'm dreaming I'm driving a truck I have some weird need to decide how many pounds I am hauling or how many miles I am traveling, or if I'm daydreaming about playing tennis how many mph my serve is.). I find this a little odd too, because in my real life, I'm not that anal about anything. I'm actually very laid back.  It's like I've got OCD only when it comes to daydreaming.  
    Anyhow, what happens to me is my hands find their way in front of my face and sort of clinch and flail about like I'm having some sort of seizure or something.b if somebody were to happen upon me while I was doing it, they would assume I was losing my mind.  It's like an exaggerated version of Mr. Burns. strumming his fingers while he is contemplating something sinister.
   I'm hoping at least ONE of you can relate so that I don't feel quite so odd.

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My name is Jason by the way.  I'm just a really bad typist.  I'll figure out how to fix that sooner or later.
I don't, but according to Cynthia (who did a study on it), most people enact some sort of movement when they daydream.

Yes, I sometimes (okay quite often) find myself gesturing with my hands. I try to only get into those kind of day dreams when I am all alone. I sometimes get paranoid and have to check my surroundings, look out the window to make sure no one is going to come barging in on my dream. I also get stuck filling in little details like you were describing too. Like I was imagining a catered lunch and found myself worried over what the small local restraunt I'd dreamed up might have available for a catered lunch. Why would that even matter? No idea but it stops the whole dd when I get to that part. Maybe it helps the realism of the experience. They say it's all in the details. Hello Jason, nice to meet you.

I like to pace, and I think that's quite common.  Actually any movement is great - riding in anything, an exercycle, treadmill (both of which really help me keep to an exercise regime; I used to put a picture of my current "crush" in front of me and exercycle for miles & miles.  I was really thin then, might try it again.)  But it seems like any kind of movement is common - must stimulate the part of brain involved with DD'ing.

When I really try to get into my character's skin, I find myself mirroring his facial expressions, following his eyes, and imitating small gestures. Like if he squints his eyes, moves a strand of hair behind his ear, or scratches his neck, I catch myself doing the same thing.


It'd be bad if someone ever saw me looking angry while I'm daydreaming. They'd probably think, "Wow, that girl has an attitude" or "She must be having a bad day." But nope. My imaginary characters are just getting in a fight, lol. Oh how weird that sounds. Well, I don't usually let my daydreams get that intense in public. =P When I'm alone, I don't really care how I'm looking at the ceiling. xD

I used to pace back and forth a lot there for a while .

Now i find myself rocking while sitting and i also use my hands and make faces :)


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