I'm a 39 year old female and I'm pretty sure I have MD.  My earlist memory of this sort of thing was listing to music and rocking in the rocking chair for hours.  I might have been ten, maybe younger. 


I knew from a very young age this was not normal behavior so I kept it to myself.  I think that MD is a couple of things (for me at least). 1.  I think it is related to anxiety, more specifically OCD, and 2.  I think it is a way the brain protects you from an abusive, harsh enviornment.  (Bad childhood: alcoholic father, etc)  As i've grown up, i've had MD on and off.  Defineltly have it when i'm scared, bored, and when things just aren't good.


My daydreams, like many of you, are everything I want to be, but am not in real life.  In my daydreams, i'm intellengent, beautiful, confindent, and I have it all together, and of course, men find me very attractive and want me.  This last part is so sad to me because i'm married and he's a great husband.  I would never tell him about my MD though.  My daydreams are always triggered by music, and on my bad days they are triggered by everything else too (tv, movies, an event that takes place)  Most of my daydreams are centered around (please don't laugh) vulcans.  Yes,like Mr. Spock.  He used to dominate my daydreams, now i've branched out into his parents (Sarek and Amanda) as well as the whole vulcan culture.  I think I got hooked on him because he was always in control of himself, and my family life was out of control.  My daydreams usually involve unresolved childhood issues, like they get "fixed", and I move on to being a whole well-adjusted person.  My daydreams have gotten much worse the last year and a half.  Don't know why.


So my focus is to resolve my anxiety and try to build a fulfilled life, in order to stop the MD.  I hope i'm successful.


What have others tried to be successful in stopping this.

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Ha vulcans. They freak me out too, but they can be loved. I just got out of a mental hospital and let me tell you, you dont have MD. well, perhaps but just turn it into MO. You are always allowed to order disorder. Daydreams encompass thought, so take your daydreams and organize them so you can better your life in reality. the reality to me is that you are a gorgeous 39 yr old that i want, but you already have a husband. problems solved in a daydream, now fix the problems with thought, then share thoughts with peers through GOOD communication. That's why i went to the hospital, it was my communication of my thoughts, not the thoughts themself, it was the lack of communicating how they were good and hatred is a misunderstanding. Love is all you need, spread it and youll find it again. In the form of art, music, people, good doing and anything that you love. But love cannot be forced, its a conclusion you must bring others to in debate and sharing.

I hope you find success your own way!


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