Hi all

My name is James,47 years old , completely useless at technology but glad the younger guys have found this place to be . Where to begin ?, short version , traumatic childhood, some abuse, quickly convinced around 11 years old I was no good and pretty worthless 

So I did what we here do , escape, into myself, my bedroom,my thoughts, one way ticket to St Elsewhere 

Found a new toy , seemed I had enormous power, fearful of the real world, it just hurt me,

Elaborate scenarios that I could control, films , books , Tv fed this new monster voraciously, couldn’t do any of them without starting 

Classic issues, faraway look , clicking to timed Dds , blinking, angry if disturbed, time set aside , highly planned, socially uncomfortable , sooooo would have advised against this if I had known then what I know now 

Brought nothing but misery as only emotions really were in Dds , recent total heath related breakdown , total cataclysmic implosion due to health related fear

Working , but just barely holding it together as v busy work for NHS at this time 

Cant access Dds , so truly nothing in my head but pain really 

tired now , grateful to all , but late here as glad this exists as nothing ‘back in the day’ like here

 Regards to all 


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Hi James!
Nice to meet you!!
im Maria Claudia, 25, happy to know more about you!
I just get in touch with this forum, and i feel really happy about it..even to read others experiences fills me with a belonging that i never felt before, 

I always get confused by how to deal with my life, reality when i live the most in my bedroom daydreams that are so fullfiling and powerful. 
I only feel a lil away from Dds when I have a lil bit of real life experience, but most of times they became fuel to more Dds, even more powerful and charming than before  so i'm really happy to meet everyone here.

Thanks for your intro!

Very kind of you, don’t know what to say other than Thankyou, May have , but don’t recall chatting to any exotic Brazilians before ,if you approach therapy/recovery like you guys approach the football then you’ll beat it , Beat everyone else anyways x


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