We are having an Indian Dinner on Sat. 12/17 at 2 PM EST, which is 11 AM PST, 7 PM in UK, and 11:30 PM (?) in India.  The Elite has graciously agreed to give us an authentic Indian recipe, which should be awesome.  However, I know we have some Indian cooks out there, so make whatever you wish.  Let's bring a lot of different things - try something new - and let's compare how everything turned out.  As usual, if you aren't cooking , that's alright, too. 

Come single or bring date(s) or friend(s).

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Elite & Sasi - we need some recipes for Sat.  I have never made anything Indian, other than just adding curry, so I need help.

http://authenticindianrecipes.org has some recipes with pictures (I like to see pictures so I know what it's supposed to look like when I'm done!). The tandoori chicken looks good and there's a naan bread recipe that I'll probably try to make the night before since the dinner is at 11am my time and the dough needs at least 3 hours rising time. Looks like I need to visit the spice aisle!

When is the dinner exactly ? i have it ready when to cook it ? xD 

Dinner is on Sat. at 2PM EST, which I believe is 11:30 PM in India.  Sorry you are always so late.  We will have to do brunch here and closer to 9 PM for you next time.  Any recipes from Mom?

Sat , yeah i will be there at 11 , i have brunch dishes :)  

My go to website for any recipes is  www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/

They always have both authentic and fusion versions of most things.Everything I have tried from this site has worked(so far!)

So is this like a virtual dinner thing? I have seen a virtual baby shower on some food/baking blogs that I like and it was really neat! I would LOVE to participate but I will be in New York Thurs-Sunday (My first time visiting :D). But... I might try and eat something Indian Saturday at a restaurant ;)

Some of us do actually make the different dinners - so far we have had Renaissance, Norwegian & now Indian.  We picked a time that includes people from California to India & many points in between.  Most people don't actually cook but come to chat as if we had just had, or are still having, a dinner party.  I have cooked each time & have ended up with new recipes that I love & still use, spinach pie, Norwegian baked salmon, lingonberries.  Hopefully you can get here next month.  Any requests for our next dinner?

Sounds fun! The virtual one I saw was where everyone cooked/baked something and posted pictures of it and was online to talk and discuss things so pretty much the same thing. I love baking so maybe we could do one on desserts and everyone make a dessert to coincide where they are from? Or just one you really love? :) I am southern so I could do one on old-fashioned southern comfort food. If you're from the U.S people probably have already had it or some variations on it, but those from other countries might not have.

That sounds like a great idea.  I'm all for it.  What dates/ times/ etc. are good for you?  I can't even upload a picture for my icon - Cordellia tried to explain but I'm clueless, so could not take a picture.  But I can bake, eat, chat, so I'm good to go.  We have some other good chefs on site as well.


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