If you were writing a book about MD, what would you call it?

yeah i know this is totally random and it probably wont get a lot of answers but, still id like to hear what you would call it. thanks :)

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@ Angel

You should write a chapter from the middle of your book! I'd like to see it.

From the middle?  I'm 32 now, so 16 years ago, we left my Dad...  a very important time in my life full of important people.  I think back to that time and feel grateful for all the help we had.  I had a counselor back then, I told her about how I shut down and closed off from everything.  Sometimes I daydream during these episodes, but I didn't tell her about that.  She called my shutting down "disassociating" and said it was a symptom of PTSD.  My daydreams at that point in time changed from trying to escape real life to exploring who I am and how I feel inside.


You know, my book might not be just about my MD.  Everything is so complicated, mixed together and confused.  Its not so easily separated.

The Mind Traveler

I like "Day Dreamer".  

"Lost in Wonderland"...or something like that.  :)

I have a few ideas....

1. Sisyphus

2. Journey to the Surface

3. The Up-Side of Walking Out in Traffic

4. Talking to Myself

5. A Life in the Mind

6. The Brain that Never Slept

7. Innerlife

8. My Imaginary Friend Emerald (BTW...My name is Emerald)

9. Instant Heroine


I've actually thought about this very question before. One day I want to right a book based on my inner life.

It's simple but I like it because it's simple.

hyperhero said:

day dreamer lol not very imaginative for someone with md but thats all i came up with for now

Man, you guys are very creative! Awesome suggestions for a book! theyre all so diverse but yet still connected. Love it!

I have thought about this. I actually thought about writing a story about a girl ( me) who has maladaptive daydreaming. Like a fictional autobiography (if that makes any sense). I thought about Her Secret Life, Antiautobiography, Dreamer's Disease, Limbo, Fiction Addiction, etc.


 Mindparty could be fun haha. I'll probably think of more :)

Sounds really cool!! I'd read it ;)

Emilia said:

I love everyone's responses, especially Julie's. If I wrote something about MD, I'd call it 'The Other Side of Wonderland.' It would be based on the story 'Alice in Wonderland' and remember all the characters that were there? Queen of Hearts/ The Duchess/ The twins etc? They'd  be real people (all MD sufferers) who got into Wonderland the same way Alice did but can't get out. In the end, this really famous physicist finds out how to destroy Wonderland from the outside - the final scene would end with everyone standing in a raining city all restored to their original identities.



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