I talk out loud when I daydream (and I don't realize I'm doing it. . .)

Hey guys!

I'm so glad to have found this community. I hadn't heard about MD until recently when I looked up how to stop talking aloud when daydreaming. I've been a daydreamer since as long as I could remember and things like swinging, music, rocking, would trigger my daydreams. It was never bothersome and never interfered with anything I needed to get done but, occasionally, I do speak out loud, move my mouth, or gesture and, more often than not, I have no idea that I'm doing it. I was recently embarrassed at work (I work in a classroom with middle schoolers) and I went deep in thought and "came to" when I saw some kids looking at me wide-eyed and laughing. It made me realize that I either spoke out loud or did something out of the ordinary and I need to figure out how to recognize and control this. 

The speaking out loud has happened sporadically in my life. The first time it came to my attention was when I was 12 or 13 and I was in a bathroom while my cousin waited outside for me. Next thing I know she's saying outside the door "stop talking to yourself!" I really had no clue I was doing it. There have also been times someone would ask me "what did you say?" and I would reply "nothing" but I must have been "daydream speaking" and didn't know it. . .

This past incident in front of the kids was so embarrassing to me that I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else experiences this and what are some techniques that help you not do this in public. I love daydreaming but I'd like to know I can do it without embarrassing myself. :)

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Happens to me all the time too.
I was taking my exams todays and accidentally mumured a word.


I do it all the time! Lol but thats because im home alone all the time so i can talk out loud

That has definitely happened to me at least 3 times. Once while at school (9th grade) a friend of mine said "where, what?" I'm like "huh?". She explained that I randomly asked her "where?". I didn't know I said anything at all. It was just weird, we kept talking as if nothing happened. I usually babble out loud when I'm alone so I'm used to being able to freely talk while daydreaming. Sometimes we forget we aren't alone. :-/

happens to me too. my father caught  me once while i was daydreaming aloud while studying. i told him that i was revising n since then i always be careful to talk aloud only when i am alone.

Feels good to hear about others with this experience!! When I'm in public I try to keep my hands busy so I'm focused on something else rather than my daydreams (and if I do start to slip away I try to think about situations where there isn't any speaking lol!!)

This happens to me all the time!!! I smile and talk aloud so much so that my flatmates are whispering amongst themselves saying I talk to myself and its awful when it happens in public! Its just that I don't realise I'm doing it until its too late :'(.

Also Jeremy Er I had an exam on the 21st and was daydreaming and got funny looks of the invigilators :/

Its so out of control!!!!

Its the talking out aloud that troubles me the most...

Jev - exactly!! Nothing else about my daydreaming is a problem except for the talking out loud! It's sooo embarrassing!!
I only laugh, I may move body parts but I would be unaware as I dd so intensely I have no control over it, this gets awkward as I normally pace fast/half jog when dd I have walked into walls on numerous occasions haha :') and when outside lamppost once or twice haha :')

Glad to hear that I am not the only person who does this :-).  When my MD  is really bad I will start talking to myself or making strange noises.  I live in a close knit community so when one neighbour found out about  it they all did. One of my nick names is "the mad one"  and that was when I knew that I had to find ways of controling it.

Aw Tinkerbell. . .I'm sorry they call you that. But it does feel good to know there are others out there who do this and that it's actually pretty common. :)

I suffer from the same problem as well,I feel embarrassed and hurt because my mom and cousins catch me talking to myself,they laugh at me and call me crazy.They say it in a form of  a joke but still it hurts.

It happens to me less now than it did but I still talk out loud when DD in the shower. I remember once I slipped into a DD on the school bus and was talking and gesturing without knowing it. A girl in the grade above me came and sat next to me, asked me why I was waving my arms and talking to myself. I didn't know I was and tried to deny it. When that didn't work I said I was trying to figure out some problem solving thing from class and was thinking through it aloud. She seemed to believe me but who knows right?


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