Hey guys, I'm new to this place and only just realized this existed over a week ago. I'll keep this short and sweet although its probably nothing you haven't heard before. I've been what I found out is MD for nearly 16 years and from what I can gather its been severe. I can't take it anymore. My wrists, fingers and back hurt all the time from all the rocking. I'm sick of bursting out laughing in random public places and talking to myself...tuning out to the point I don't realize Im doing it till some strangers laughing at me. The daydreaming just won't stop.

I work and that's it. Nothing else, I try but nothing happens it's like everything else isn't real.I'm now frightened that I may end up trapped living in my head forever. No friends, no partner, no hobbies no life just nothing to live for other than what my head shows me. 

I don't know what I'm expecting from this post. I need to know there are others and that it's possible to stop this or at least slow it down....but how I need help with. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry that you've been having such a hard time with this.  Since you're struggling with feeling like nothing else is real (I went through a phase like that; it was lonely and disconnecting), I wonder if it'd be better if you were able to talk with someone face-to-face, in addition to this website?  I find that online friendships and conversations have a way of feeling...fictionalized, I guess?  

Therapists are an option, but they are expensive, but I have a friend who I talk to who counsels people for free at a women's crisis center.  I've talked with her quite a bit about my daydreaming.  I think it should be possible to find someone who you can talk to for free, someone who has experience talking with people who struggle with compulsive and addictive behavior.  Google crisis centers or call a suicide prevention hotline--you don't have to be suicidal to make use of this service.   I think they might be able to put you in touch with some resources in your area.  

I hope this helps.  Personally, I found a change of scenery and a busy schedule (going to a college out of state) helped a lot with a the whole "the world doesn't feel real" thing.

Hi! Just wanted to post to say so sorry that you are going through this. I know exactly what you mean about laughing at random and talking to myself.  I've done those things many times myself. 

I have found that sometimes just getting out of your house and doing simple things can be a big help. I will usually go to a coffee shop or walk through the library and look at the stacks of books.  It doesn't seem like either of those things are big deals, but when I'm in a particularly strong MD pattern, it seems to help.  I guess it reminds my subconscious that there is a world out there ready for me when I get there.

Due to stressors that I cannot control, I am in one of these strong MD patterns right now. This afternoon, I am heading off to the grocery store. Don't really need to go, but I know that getting out of the house would help ease my mind.

Hope that helps.

The only thing I can think of that temporarily stops me from daydreaming is when I have something I need to concentrate on. I guess you have to try to find activites that take a lot of your time and concentration.


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