I am a new teenager here, and I just wanted to understand this a little more.

I've always known there might have been something wrong with me, and that my spacing out wasn't normal. I went to look up definitions for it, and I couldn't find anything.

One day, I stumbled onto a page that gave me a brief explanation to MDD and I saw that I displayed a lot of the symptoms. I looked further into it, discussions people with MDD have with reporters etc. Now I'm a little unsure about if I have it, and the severity of my situation. I pace back and forth and talk to myself because of my daydreams, and it does cut into my work time, but it doesn't completely get rid of my surroundings, it just switches my focus inward. I also wonder what severity others on this site daydream at. What do you all think? 

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I feel the same way as you. The word "daydream" didn't even dawn on me. Are you a quiet, secretive person who just accompanies people while they interact with each other put don't really participate? Do you go out of your way to get privacy and start pacing? Does music and movies intensify the pace to maybe even a gallop? Do you have a secret obsession of one character and idolize and envy who they are? (Fiction or non-fiction character)

Not being all that interested in talking to people was something I used to experience as a elementary schooler, but I have been more interested in socializing with my peers. All in all, I love to talk to people, however it's always really awkward. I do feel secretive. I do go to private places to talk to myself and pace, even if it's in the way. Music does intensify it, and movies give me ideas. I have an obsession with a lot of the people I went to school with last year. I don't really envy them, more just really care about them, even if we were only acquaintances. I also obsess with a less awkward version of myself, someone who is just able to communicate well with most cliques, and doesn't really have something she belongs to.

If I were to say I have a storyline, it would be about my character going to the school she wanted to for sophomore year, and rekindling with her old classmates from middle school.


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