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Hi I just wanted to say how fantastic it is to find this site. I have never spoken to anyone about my MD before I wasn't aware until recently that it even had a name I thought for a long time I was losing my mind or was immature for daydreaming into adulthood.

I've struggled with MD for as long as I can remember, I remember sitting watching TV shows and my daydreams running away with me. I grew up an only child with 2 unhappy parents trapped in an unhappy marriage.

I used daydreaming to escape, I would dream my parents had split or that TV characters were my siblings and spent more time day dreaming than making friends and was a loner at school.

I always believed I would grow out of it when I hit my 20s or found a boyfriend to pull me into reality but that never happened I would still find my time to daydream.

I'm now 31 and I feel ashamed that I still rely on the fantasies to keep me going without them I feel lost and alone. But with them I feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes, I pace the house listening to music when alone, at the moment I have someone again from a TV show that is a main part of my MD so I watch reruns of the show and also spend time searching for pictures of this person.

I feel crazy and embarrassed and ashamed to admit to doing this, I feel sometimes I am stalking them without their knowledge, I would never contact them and I know completely that this is my fantasy and not reality.

I've been so afraid to write any of this down, part of me wants me to stop and the other part of me is too afraid to let go.

Sorry if that was long or if this is the wrong place to put this.

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I'm the same way!!  I can't believe I never tried to google this! It was complete coincidence that I came across the term. I also listen to music a lot when I daydream, though I've turned that into a good thing because I go out jogging for a long time, just listening to music and daydreaming, and now I'm in much better shape and even ran a half marathon recently! 

Keep it up, we'll all figure this out somehow. And your English is fine! :)

Wendy said:

Hi!  I admit I feel pretty stupid for having written "excessive daydreaming" in the google searchbox only now. Reading that there is someone, somewhere in the world, that is pacing around the house with their mp3 player blasting at full volume is incredible . I've been doing that since I was about 11. I feel so relieved to know I'm not alone.

I too thought that it would have stopped in my twenties and when it didn't happen I feared it was the start of something worse,like schizophrenia or psychosis. Now I believe it's a part of me that I'll have to learn to live with day by day.

Thank you for sharing your stories, reading them gives me so much strength

sorry for my english :)

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