I travel with work, sometimes 5-8 hour drives. I do this while driving and often forget where I am when I come back to reality. I wondered if anyone else out there does the same. I have never told anyone, and my first memory of doing this is around the age of 5. I think its worse than  texting and driving. Ive gotten a few speeding tickets as well.

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I totally do this all the time! I agree that it's not safe, but for some reason, music sets me off. And so I turn on the radio and off I go into my dreamworld. I'm sure that I look odd to other drivers too. LoL. I was also very young when I started daydreaming.

I used to do this when I drove, but I tried not to. Music also sets me off and this is why I often don't turn on the radio or play music when I drive.

I only do this while driving when music I like is playing on the radio. I will build a fantasy around me singing the song...

I do this all the time and it scares me! I have to constantly monitor myself if I really want to listen to music while driving. If it proves to be too hard I just do not listen to any music at all. I have not gotten a ticket yet, but I have come close to causing a crash at least twice. I sometimes realize I have been daydreaming after I arrive at my destination and do not recall how I got there or 'wake-up' from a daydream as I am still driving. It is a fright.

I have absolutely done this while I was driving.  Never got a speeding ticket but did slam on the brakes a few times.  No accidents.  My new job is closer so I don't have the time to myself like I used to to DD and that's a bit frustrating.  I've had to wait until bedtime and it's started to affect my sleep patterns.  

Yes, I do. I've missed many an exit because of this. And if there is a fast song on the radio that I like I drive faster so I've gotten a few tickets and warnings too. The music and the driving are both triggers for me.

I do this a lot.  It's been 29 years for me.  I have even tried dreaming about the people dying in the "other world" just to free myself of constantly dreaming.  News flash: It does not work.  Just gave me a platform to create more.

The driving part is really a concern for me. The lack of focus is dangerous. Just the other week I clipped  mailbox while zoned out driving.

Hi All,                         11/19/12

When I have driven long distance road trips I tend to daydream and hours pass before I need to pull myself out of this self-induced state. I do not think that I completely zone out because I have responded appropriately to outside stimuli like traffic or construction sites.

I have definitely missed my exit points. During the holidays when I miss my exit and arrive very late to my destination (between 1-3 hours later) I just tell family that I left home late or that I got 'lost' and had to turn around. LOL! They think I'm a bird brain and I let them.

Once when I did a long distance road trip I drove through the state of my destination into another state. When I pulled myself out of my daydream, I didn't recognize the road signs anymore and it sometimes takes up to thirty minutes for me to get my bearings back.

I carry a can of gas with me so when I run out of gas I can at least get to the nearest gas station.

I know that I feel sad sometimes because of losing so many hours to this condition.

I often wake up at night to sit aside my bed and induce this daydream state so that I can relax and get sleepy enough to return to normal sleep.

I have been doing this all of my life, for instance I remember having an imaginary adult male friend to play sports with and I used to let my kid brother play basketball with 'us'. I no longer remember his name but I remember his encouraging attitude towards me. I don't remember when I stopped playing with my imaginary friend but I do remember how tall he was, what he looked like and his friendly smile. I hesitate to admit that he 'spoke' to me because I know it was my own voice and that I talked to myself. In church once when I was five or six, the people standing in the pews around me burst out into laughter at my playing with my imaginary friend. I had gumbi and poki and trotted around the pew with these little toys, talking up a storm and pretending the story. My mother took my toys away once she realized I was distracting everyone. I learned to keep this kind of thing to myself at an early age. 

I consider myself to be extremely bright but seriously introverted. I sometime write down or tell my daydreams, which I call stories or dreams, to a select few in my family.

I know this comment is long, it's my first and I thank anyone who takes time to read it.

I also wanted to know if any of you visualize your daydreams?

I often dream in vivid color and I imagine the stories in my head very completely. It gives me such pleasure to induce daydreams that I consider it a small talent and I often go back to a story and rewrite parts I am not happy with. I change up the characters and endings to challenge my creativity.

I suppose this sounds a little strange. It feels strange to find a web site for people like me.

I enjoy immensely video gaming. I then often incorporate these imaginary world into my day dreams. For instance, I imagine that I can breath under water or fly or burst into flames to protect myself from my fantasy enemies.

I guess I'm gushing now...it is so nice to share this secret of mine with others who might understand.

I often thought that I should get counseling of somekind. I even paid a therapist to listen to me once. It was awkward. I felt a little better when he suggested that I wasn't nuts, just bored. I admit that I get bored easily.

I promise that I will shorten my comments as I settle down.

Thanks again for reading my 'biography' LOL! Have a great Thanksgiving all!

I sometimes do this too.  I stopped for a while after I got in an accident while daydreaming.  I slid on ice, so it may have happened anyway, but I didn't daydream while driving after that for about ten years.  I have recently started up again.  I get so little time to myself, and when I'm driving I'm often alone, so it has crept back in.  I know it's dangerous, but I find myself drawn to it anyway.

Hi Cara,

I don't often listen to music. I have such a vivid imagination that I just induce the dding! I think that I often watch tv and drift off into dding. Sometimes I'll even incorporated some of the dialogue from the tv show into my conversations between my characters.   
Cara Walker said:

I totally do this all the time! I agree that it's not safe, but for some reason, music sets me off. And so I turn on the radio and off I go into my dreamworld. I'm sure that I look odd to other drivers too. LoL. I was also very young when I started daydreaming.


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