Once u stop ,i never go back.
After week without MD,i know ,i don't need time to prove anything,how does it feel? I feel alive,in the moment ,my body is not that perfect,neither my life but i decided to accept them the way they r ,be strong friends get rid of that toxic addiction,after years i know i had my overdose,i choose to live ,u should too, be strong nd u'll make .
Thank you wild mind network for everything

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What did you do to stop? 

Dear emma ,sorry it took me so long to answer , i was busy,after years of MD i can only say i tried a lot of things at last it was rethinking positive thinking that woke me up,in stand of creating a scenario bout a fantasie and stay positive or negative bout it(just in my mind of course)i would do my best to actually do it ,even if it wouldn't be perfect at least i know i can get it over with.
I also prayed a lot asking god to help me,now i know i deep down i really hated the real me ,funny fact my style was terrible in last few years ,why?as a day dreamer i would do my shopping for a different body as in i had a kardashian body lol,then i would end up with clothes that wasn't for me from the first place.
I suggest u write down a list ,one side the imaginary u,the other the real u then compare u'll know your weak points nd work on them, but trust me eventually MD is like any other addiction .
You wake one day nd u know double life is not fun anymore ,just a waist of energy,good luck sister

I quit MD at 30. Weaving daydreams in my head was a way of life for me. I used to enjoy it to a degree it made me evoke false emotions. Then adulthood came around, and I had to stop it right away. I've had several people discover that I did MD and the situation was always so embarrassing. It got more intense when my mom finally found it and strongly considered psychiatry. My addiction to MD was toxic and it almost ruined my life. It took away my opportunity to build friendships, relationships and develop in my career. In the end, I was broken hearted and angry at myself for being so foolish. Overtime, I walked away from MD and those fictional worlds I used to live in are now no more. When I was in them, it felt so magical and aspiring. Now that I'm waking up to the real thing, I get this gritty sense many components of my life are missing and I feel don't feel complete. I take my current position as a survival job, but my ambitions are unaccomplished and it leaves me with an empty feeling. I was so quiet and inattentive around others, so I don't know who I am as a person. At times, my heart feels sore and heavy because I missed out on finding myself earlier, gaining worthwhile experiences and having memorable relationships. My life could've looked so much better if I hadn't been doing MDD. Overall, I wish that I listened to those who tried giving my good advice at the very beginning. I was a kid and I was young, and we all make these harrowing risks that eventually do us over. Then you find out too late what went wrong.

Hi ! Good for you that you had been able to stop your maladaptive daydreaming ! I'm in a process of stopping this addiction too but I keep going back to it whenever i'm triggered.  I can stop daydreaming for a couple of hours or days sometimes (I used to daydream all day long for years)  which is huge for me but it keeps going back unfortunately. Is it possible for you to explain more about how you stop completely ? I'm very kean to know more about your process . Have a nice day ! 

It all started with an important job. I was a lead designer for a corporation that made cleaning chemicals for electronics. It was my first big role after College. I didn't want to screw up. At the interview, I was really out of it, due to daydreaming. So when I got my new desk, I simply told myself to 'stop it,' or else I'll get fired. So I did stop daydreaming and I began to transform. It was eerie at first, realizing what I've been doing all those years, and in a way I felt creepy looking back.

Over the next few years, I was improving very slowly. I'm no longer living in alternative worlds, nor daydream so much as I used to, but I still catch myself having regular fantasies now and then. For instance, I do have a crush on a celebrity, and picture a relationship with this guy.

You can't completely get rid of your daydreams, and they'll always be there, no matter how much you suppress them. Many other people do not daydream at all, but that's because they don't have that kind of mindset. They're very solid, grounded and practical people, who prefer to be on earth.

I think we have fantasies, because we deeply long for having things or people, which are never there for us. We hold onto the thought and crave this for hours, and it will eventually take over our frame of mind, and turn into daydreams. I spent my whole life failing to reach my goals, as I had many weaknesses, and others simply didn't think much of me, because I wasn't a socially confident and successful person. They found me rather stupid, and way too quiet. Eventually, I drifted apart from everybody I've ever met and known. No new folks came along, so I was 'alone' for some time. I realized my powerful fantasies did this to me, so I quit altogether, and now I'm awaiting a better life. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they always say.

I've gotten rid of MDD after hard work in self-help therapy. Although, I am feeling rather blown away by how much reality I missed in the past two decades. When you are doing MDD, your mind filters out the Laws of the Real. People have constantly acted up on me like I was living on another planet. They couldn't figure out why I wasn't listening and paying close attention. Whenever I laughed inappropriately in public, they all found me crazy. Eventually, my daydreaming disorder nearly jeopardized aspects of my future. Now my mom has me under her foot and I'm supposed to be an adult. She doesn't know that I quit and won't do it again. How can I convince her anyway?

How did you stop?

It was a slow working progress. I was receiving communication by the Universe in my head. My old thoughts dissolved and my mind got refreshed with a deeper perception of life. It took me months and months of hard work, just making sense out of my silly old ways. It was so embarrassing and appalling at times, I found it hard to show my face in public. I was this self-absorbed young person who lived in her head for hours in the day, and I mean for years. Then I grew up into a better, more mature person who has more self control of my mental health and thought process. I rarely live in alternative worlds anymore, but to be honest, I still have brief romantic fantasies at moments.


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