Hey so you probably get thousands of threads like this, but I just wanna say how exciting it is to have found this site.  I'm in my early 20's, just finished my first year of grad school, and 100% have maladaptive daydreaming.  I've had for as long as I can remember.  When I was little, the concept of being "bored" that other kids always had rarely existed for me, as I could spend literally hours in my own little fantasy world.  I'd pace back and forth, and hold some part of a toy and wave it around.  The waving the toy part around was some kind of way of like "drawing" out the images in my head so to speak.  Ugh I feel nuts just writing this, but I guess I came to the right place!  I never really felt that the MD got in the way of my life though.  I'm a very conscientious student, high GPA, lots of friends, totally normal social life.  The one difference is that I keep my MD a complete secret from everyone.  I've been involved in romantic relationships in which I've confided loads, but never this!  My parents knew I liked to spend lots of time imagining things, and knew about my bizarre attachments to certain toy parts, but never seemed concerned about it.  They actually have asked me in recent years what was the deal was with these attachments, and I get very uncomfortable and just try to shrug it off. 


I definitely still do have MD--I imagine you never grow out of it.  I moved out of my parents home before starting grad school, and I actually think it's gotten better since moving out, strangely enough.  Also, I don't use anymore any kind of object in my hand to assist with the daydreaming.  I decided a number of years ago that I had to put that aside.  Yet I still can't control that urge that comes along with the MD, so I usually end up waving about my hands instead!  Also, I generally daydream to music--I guess that's my primary "trigger" (I've been learning all these terms for things I've been doing my whole life!).  Hmm I guess that's all I can say for now.  Looking forward to talking with everyone!



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Welcome!  You definitely sound like one of us.  Don't worry if you see things on here that don't fit.  We all have our differences.  I, for example, don't move or pace and have a lot of sensory sensitivity as a result.  That's definitely different than most, but I still have it.  I'm glad you're doing so well.  Congrats.  You're definitely not weird.  Lots of people do this.

nice to meet you david!

I'm new to this too (the site i mean, the daydreaming ive done my whole life)

It's really reliving to know there are others, isn't it?

even just talking to people who "GET-IT" is therapy.

oh and i used to wave toys around too, but now i just touch the walls or tables.

anywho, just know that you aren't alone; none of us ever were, i guess :)

Haha I wave stuff around too! In my case I usually pretend they're other objects xD
so awesome to hear from you all!  oh and cordellia--in terms of sensory sensitivity, i have HUGE issues with that too!  Lots of different materials and sounds give me the chills, and I always have to sleep with socks on because I can't stand the feeling of my bare feet rubbing against the sheets!
I can't be around people when they're eating because they all sound like they're in a barnyard to me.  Horrifies me.  They smack when they talk, too.  All my profs smack when they talk, and it drives me nuts.  I feel like I want to be a hermit sometimes.
I can't stand the sound of someone cleaning a tablecloth/mat with a rag. The sound just dives me nuts!!
Yea if someone slides their hand across a tablecloth I go insane!! that part of me actually isn't a secret--my friends actually love to taunt me by threatening to slide their hands across certain materials!
oh god my mom does that to me all the time, I HATE it!!


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