I know this has been discussed before, but it seems relevant to bring it up again now as we continue to learn more about MD.

I am wondering whether these two "conditions" go hand in hand, one causes or leads to another, or if it's merely my bad luck to have both.

To clarify I'm talking about being a "Highly Sensitive Person".


This is from the Australian/New Zealand HSP site:


"Being an HSP means you have a nervous system that is more ‘highly tuned’ than that of most people. HSPs feel more, notice more and are often overwhelmed by the things they experience.


As high sensitivity is a neurological trait, it affects all the senses. Often HSPs are told they are imagining things when they see, hear, smell, feel or taste things that others miss and may be labelled as paranoid or over-reactive. HSPs are often disturbed by bright lights, glare, flashing lights, bright colours and ‘visual clutter’. Most HSPs will reach for their sunglasses when outdoors, even on a cloudy day.  


Many HSPs are easily overwhelmed by strong odours, developing headache or nausea if exposed too long. Loud noise from traffic, heavy machinery, a neighbour’s music or noisy work environments can present the biggest challenge for HSPs. While most people don’t notice the majority of background noise (not just sound, but sights and smells as well) the HSP may find it impossible to ‘switch off’ to these distractions.


HSPs may tire quickly in noisy environments or after a busy day, and need regular quiet time and extra rest. 


 HSPs are vulnerable to low self-esteem, often feeling that they are not normal and that there is something wrong with them. Too often their reserved, cautious behaviour is labelled shyness or inhibition and wrongly associated with depression, anxiety, personality disorders and mental illnesses. "


This describes me perfectly. It makes the world a very overwhelming place, and encourages me to withdraw into MD into a world where I can control the environment.


There's more info at: http://www.hspnetwork.com.au/life-as-an-hsp/

(I find this site easier to use than the American one, especially since the American one seems geared mainly at selling books!)



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I may be a highly sensitive person, I have often considered it.  I do become overwhelmed with crowds and loud noises, however I can tune this out if I am at a club but if I have been to a club in the week, or been somewhere where there are loads of people, I must find some time to myself.  Bright colours can sometimes cause headaches and I very often see and smell things other people can't, sometimes many minutes before everybody esle can smell it. Obviously i can only speak to myself, I'll have to ask my brother who also has MD, what his symptons are.

HSP describes me fairly accurately. Many times I get so overwhelmed by the stimuli in my surroundings that I had to "shut down" some of my senses, i.e. force myself to become more unaware, so that my feelings don't get out of control. After all, ignorance is bliss, right? Now I have come to accept myself as a HSP, but I want to harden my shell so that I don't end up crying at every little negative thing that happens to me.


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