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Good to know I'm not the only one that has a lot of violence in MDs...

Pretty violent. I've died multiple times in my daydreams, but usually just to advance the plot.

Although my daydreams do not have a violent theme overall, violence does occur from time to time. My character has never died, but several others have; some tragically, some from illness. Many of my characters have a trauma history, including mine, who has been raped and was physically abused as a child.

My dreams can get pretty violent.  Recently it took a rather violent turn where I was kidnapped, raped, and physically abused.  I think it might be because my dad used to abuse my mom emotionally and physically and me emotionally.

In my daydreams I'm queen of an empire of aliens. Well, my empire was recently invaded by these other aliens. There were some pretty graphic war scenes. At one point I was captured by the enemy aliens who tortured me by breaking my fingers. And at the end of it all quite a few characters were dead. So...yeah...they're pretty violent.
My DD's also depict very bloody and graphic battles as well...


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